Factory Delivery

Factory Delivery

I know we are still a long way out (but much less than before!) but I was curious if Tesla has offered factory delivery before. Would it be plausible if you are out of state? I think especially if SC network has really branched out to make the road trip. I live in Miami, but can't think of a better way to break in the Tesla. Has anyone heard rumors of making this possible (Factory delivery)? Thanks

Tâm | 2015年2月25日


That is not a problem. You can tell your Delivery Specialist where the car should be delivered.

Some do not like factory pickup because they don't want to pay California tax.

ken | 2015年2月26日

I can't believe this is a problem. With any other car you can simply get a Transfer Plate from your DMV, pick up the car and then pay the taxes to the state in which you reside when you go to license the car. I have no reason to believe that picking up a Tesla in Freemont, CA would be any different.

I have every intention of picking up my MX in California and not paying taxes until I register it in AZ.

primetime98 | 2015年2月26日

Ok thank you for the info.

ian | 2015年2月26日

Good luck with that ken. Please report back and let us know how you pull it off. Obviously there are many others that would like to do the same.


james | 2015年2月27日

I certainly would. X road trip from CA back to VA would be an awesome way to get to know the vehicle.

AlMc | 2015年2月27日

No model S owner that I know has been able to take delivery at Fremont without paying CA tax.

ian | 2015年2月27日

Exactly my point AIMc. ken seems pretty convicted though.

Brian H | 2015年2月28日

I think you underestimate the stickiness of California regulators' fingers.

andrew.d.davis | 2015年2月28日

I asked the same question of Tesla last week. I was told California would charge the tax. My home state might also claim it. That could put the buyer in a drawn out tax battle. I also hoped for a drive from California to home. Thinking of heading to Oregon and Washington and then east to Mount Rushmore before ending in Madison. The California tax issue ended that plan.

ken | 2015年2月28日

OK I have to admit that it has been a few years since I bought a car in California. I assumed that California was like other states, when buying a car while being a resident of another state. I was able to go to my DMV get a temporary license transfer plate, pick up the car, drive it back to the state, and then license it in my state of residence. However, I did live in California for about 10 years and I know they do things a bit differently. So, my apologies if I miss-led anybody. I intend to look into this further because I was looking forward to the initial drive from Fremont to Scottsdale. If I figure this out, I will post it. Suppose a call to Jerry Brown would help?

Brian H | 2015年2月28日

Have a car delivered just over the nearest border and start your travels from there.

the bonnie | 2015年2月28日

Brian H is right - so far, the only way people have found around it is to have their car delivered to the nearest state line.

Still go to the factory and take the tour - totally worth it.

ken | 2015年3月1日

Since I am only one state away it isn't a big deal but I am still going to see if there is a way to get around this and will let everybody know if I am successful. I think that we will go and take the tour. I think we will wait until we hear that the MX production line is in operation. Thanks for the suggestion.

vandacca | 2015年3月1日

I've heard that BMW has a program where you can fly out to their headquarters in Germany, get a tour of the plant and pick up your car. You can then drive it around Europe and then drop it off at any number of pre-defined spots. They'll then ship that car to your country.

It would be nice if Tesla would do something similar. Maybe drop it off at a Tesla service centre in California and then have it shipped to a Tesla location nearer to your destination.

Tâm | 2015年3月1日


That's a little complicated if you want to drive around and need charging in the US but your charge port is made for China's charging or European charging which are not the same plug as the US has!

Owners can do a factory tour any time they want. They don't need to do it at the factory delivery only.

So far, owners who want to pick up at the factory do not want their cars to be shipped.

That's why they show up at the factory on a delivery date so they can drive it home cross country.

ken | 2015年3月2日

Here is an interesting development. Green Car Reports has just reported that the California Legislature is considering a new bill that will cut the California sales tax on battery electric, plug-in electric, and hydrogen powered cars from 7.5% to 3.06%. The loss of revenue will more than be made up by their auctioning off carbon-emission credits. You can read this report for yourself, but seems like it has a chance of passing and almost for sure Governor Brown will support and sign it. So, maybe we all can pick up our MX's in California after all. You have to give it to California for leading the way on environmental issues.

primetime98 | 2015年3月2日

There are two Bills HB 95(or 905 I've seen Both) and SB 864 here in Florida to Eliminate the Sales Tax on EV or Hydrogen Vehicles. To qualify vehicles must charge 100% either via Electric or Hydrogen. If passed bill would run for 5 years and be enacted as of July 1st of this year. Here is the link from Tesla Motor Club and there are other links on there with more detail:

Not sure why it didn't link but I suppose you can copy and paste. So it's great to see states more strongly embracing EV rebates as Florida previously didn't have any state incentives.

paradis | 2015年3月2日

New Jersey does not charge any sales tax on EV's and hasn't for quite some time. So much for California leading the way (:-)

ian | 2015年3月2日

Neither does Washington State. Although that may change as of July 1 this year.

Brian H | 2015年3月3日

Hop on Moonbeam's hi-speed train to tax La-La Land.

ken | 2015年3月3日

These are great to hear no matter which state is leading the way.

ian | 2015年3月3日

Clarification on my point about Washington is that the current sales tax exemption will expire on June 30 of this year and there are bills in the state senate currently to extend it but likely with a cap in the actual dollar amount.

mike | 2015年3月3日

I originally planned to pick up my MS at the factory last year, but was told that I would be subject to CA taxes. No way around it.

Brian H | 2015年3月4日

Pick it up in Reno and drive to Fremont, then home!

buickguy | 2015年3月14日

The Reno to Fremont drive is quite nice midday and midweek -- when it is not snowing in the upper elevations. The drive would be a great way to get to know the car. If fully charged in Reno, one stop in Vacaville on the way to Fremont would do it.