Fast Charging Batteries......on "Electric Car" in wikipedia

Fast Charging Batteries......on "Electric Car" in wikipedia

"By soaking the matter found in conventional lithium ion batteries in a special solution, lithium ion batteries were supposedly said to be recharged 100x faster. This test was however done with a specially-designed battery with little capacity. Batteries with higher capacity can be recharged 40x faster.[100] The research was conducted by Byoungwoo Kang and Gerbrand Ceder of MIT. The researchers believe the solution may appear on the market in 2011.[101] Another method to speed up battery charging is by adding an additional oscillating electric field. This method was proposed by Ibrahim Abou Hamad from Mississippi State University.[102] The company Epyon specializes in faster charging of electric vehicles.[103]"

I sure hope Telsa knows about this, and just as important, Panasonic the battery supplier for the Model S. By my calculation that would take a 45min charge down to 1min, which is faster than the time it takes to gas up a car. A 20hr charge on a 120V standard line could finish in 30mins, which is a lunch break. No $1000 high speed charges, no 408V lines, no 220V lines......just existing lines hanging off the back of a McDonalds or Tim Hortons as an example.

Very interesting.

Timo | 2011年3月24日

Doesn't work like that. Energy is energy and no matter how you put it 2kW line isn't going to put out more than 2kWh in one hour. Charging 50kWh with 120V in half a hour requires 833 amps.