Generator Turbines Behind Retractable Grille

Generator Turbines Behind Retractable Grille

If a turbine generator was placed behind a retractable Model S grille, then aerodynamic efficiency and electricity generation could be maintained to increase the range of the Model S.

The grille retracting open will allow airflow through the turbine. The grille closing will reduce drag. Grille positioning could be balanced to have maximum aerodynamic efficiency while accelerating, and adjustable power generation while driving. The air would be diverted downward and the energy would be transmitted out the back via turbines similar to the hyperloop transit system

Any opinions, insights, or inquiries towards the theory are welcome.

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sauce | 2015年5月31日

The increase in drag would offset any gain.

jordanrichard | 2015年5月31日

I don't think you realize how much wind pressure it would take to turn a turbine that has to fight the resistance of an magnetic field, which is what creates the electricity.

cah197 | 2015年5月31日

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jamesmadisonpayne | 2015年5月31日
ray | 2015年5月31日

We have a saying in this country which we possibly stole from elsewhere.
As useful as tits on a boar hog.

jamesmadisonpayne | 2015年5月31日

Ha Seriously though could a tesla be engineered to operate more like the hyperloop system where air is diverted downwards stored in the battery and expelled through fans out the back?

DTsea | 2015年5月31日


Red Sage ca us | 2015年5月31日

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DTsea | 2015年5月31日

Not turbines in the grill....

Red Sage ca us | 2015年5月31日


DTsea | 2015年5月31日

Red sage, mwaning that topic of this thread is not answer to your star trek question.

DTsea | 2015年5月31日

Meaning not mwaning

Timo | 2015年6月1日

We can't create or destroy energy. We can only convert it from one form to another.

Wind (kinetic) energy that car experiences originates from the car. Therefore (skipping boring part) that wont work.

You can figure rest yourself.

kglad | 2015年6月1日

because mass is a form of energy, we could convert (some of) the weight of the car to energy and... oh wait, dr emmett brown already did that with his mr fusion.

kglad | 2015年6月1日

actually, we could use road dust. and dr brown used garbage.

so much for lightening the car. that probably wouldn't work for too many millennia.

jamesmadisonpayne | 2015年6月1日

I guess no flying cars until the end of the century.

wayne | 2015年6月1日

perpetual motion yet again, sigh...

Timo | 2015年6月1日

There are flying cars, and have been for some time now. People just call them helicopters.

michael.palffy | 2015年6月6日

Wich is the Best energy ?
The energy you save !

Rocky_H | 2015年6月8日

There is a reason why they have the whole field of aerodynamics. Every bit of air they can get to flow around the car is less force pushing against the front of the car, slowing it. If you make an opening, to capture air, you are causing a big push of force against the motion of the car. That amount of force is then spinning turbines to convert the kinetic energy to electrical energy (but less than 100%). So you have just slowed the car down some and gained back a little bit less energy than you lost. That's how this stuff works. Now, I will post my saved detailed explanation of how these perpetual motion ideas do not work.

A motor or a generator/alternator are basically the same thing, just depending on which direction you are running it. They convert rotational kinetic energy to electrical energy or vice versa. There have been many people who have made your suggestion about using a generator to recapture energy from the motion of the car. What they miss is that they think they can get the generator to spin with no effort--not slowing the car. But it is a conversion device. It is going to take physical force to turn it if you are to get any electricity out of it.
So you take energy out of the battery to run the motor (conversion1) to move the car. Then, you take some of that motion energy to turn your generator (conversion2), slowing the car to recharge that back into the battery. That is just converting energy back and forth in a closed circle, and each conversion is always a little less than 100% efficient, so you have just lost some energy for no purpose.
Since running generators does slow the car some, every hybrid and electric vehicle does use that when the car needs to slow down anyway. Why just waste that energy grinding brake pads on metal, when you can convert that energy and store it when the car needs to slow down? They call it regenerative braking.
I do get how people get confused when they are thinking of an alternator in a gas car, because it's less apparent what is happening. The alternator doesn't seem to affect the running of the engine, but it actually is. Alternators, air conditioning compressor belts, serpentine belts, power steering pump belts, etc. that are being spun by the engine are all taking a little bit of force to turn, so they are sucking away from the energy of the drive shaft. It's just that it is hard to measure the half a mile per gallon loss of efficiency that each is causing. But it is consuming more gas running those, which you refill externally when you fill the tank.

TytanX | 2015年6月8日

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Red Sage ca us | 2015年6月9日

Rocky_H & TytanX: +42 UP! Such is the Ultimate Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Diminishing Returns Explained!

chohans | 2015年6月9日

What? No high school physics you say?

Timo | 2015年6月10日

This stuff should be learned at kindergarten, or at latest at elementary school. It's not difficult thing to understand. No complex maths or anything like that required.

Brian H | 2015年6月12日

It is. Read up on Tinkerbell.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年6月15日

I sincerely believe the single biggest barrier to enlightment is stupid adults assuming that children find it hard to learn things. The League of Lowered Expectations has influence that stretches far beyond the horizon. And I don't know why!

DTsea | 2015年6月16日

Red come on sure you do.

We emphasize process over content (getting education degree instead of math degree). We give tenure to teachers (a system invented to protect freedom of inquiry for researchers.) We dont allow parents to choose schools. We rate teachers on student feedback instead of student performance.

Etc, etc.