Gray Interior?

Gray Interior?

I'm leaning towards black interior with carbon fiber but in playing around in the design studio the gray interior looks intriguing. Can anyone who has taken delivery of a gray interior chime in with your thoughts about it after driving it for a while?

BTW, my current car has white leather seats. I don't have kids so no worries about the gray getting dirty.

Hills | 2012年12月20日

I have Gray Model S with Gray leather, lacewood. The gray is a bit lighter than I would prefer, but I would still pick it over black or tan. It is light gray. BTW the exterior gray is very attractive, not too dark, not too light. I have heard from 3 Tesla employees who say Gray is their favorite exterior color.

JZ13 | 2012年12月20日

Thanks for your input Hills. I actually just finalized my order today and picked gray interior. I felt the black was too monotone and too dark. I like the 2-tone effect you get with the gray because there are already so many black accents in the car anyway. Went with Pearl White exterior and carbon fiber.

BertrandL | 2012年12月20日

Congrats JZ13! Also have grey with carbon fiber but outside is Blue. Looks really nice IMHO.

MB3 | 2012年12月20日

I went blue with performance grey interior. Was thinking tan, but think the greyish wood grain in the obeche will look even better.

Chuck Lusin | 2012年12月20日


That is also what I picked, Blue and Gray, Gloss.

Brian H | 2012年12月20日

It would be more exciting if crash-dummy orange was available! Wouldn't that look nice with grey?

toto_48313 | 2012年12月21日

Blue with grey interior was my firt pick.
After seeing blue and grey ext picture, I finally configure a Grey ext with Black Int...

hello | 2013年1月6日


Would like to send a PM to see if you are able
to share photos of your Blue/Grey/CF....trying to decide
on this config with Grey v. Black leather as the final decision.

stkamdar | 2013年1月6日

If someone could share more pics of grey with grey interior it would be much appreciated.

bjm | 2013年1月6日

Would like to see photos of blue exterior and grey interior.