Has anyone converted this car to a 5 speed manual transmision?

Has anyone converted this car to a 5 speed manual transmision?

Trying to make a fun car, even more fun, been studying this for a bit and the depth of this modification seems to have no ends. Has anyone ever done this?

I would like a mechanical gear box, but also harvesting the software energy management to be informed where one can push the energy sweet spot. Then using the downshifting to push high energy back into the pac.

Hear's to constructive improvement


Earl and Nagin ... | 2015年7月7日

The sweet spot runs from about zero RPMs to about 10,000 rpms. Much above 10,000 rpms and the motor, PEM, and battery would need more cooling capacity to output more power for any sustained time.
A 2-speed might help the top end speed a slight amount but would slow down the 0 to 60 acceleration time unless you shifted under load which, as Roadster 1.0 proved (they only built one 1.0 model), was proven to kill the gearbox by 15,000 miles.
The current regenerative braking already maxes the amount the rear wheels can grip so downshifting wouldn't help either.
Essentially, it really wouldn't improve anything.
Its good to keep thinking though.
Go Tesla!

Ak_1337 | 2015年7月8日

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Ak_1337 | 2015年7月8日
Ak_1337 | 2015年7月8日