Has bad karma finally caught up to Jeremy Clarkson (of "Top Gear")

Has bad karma finally caught up to Jeremy Clarkson (of "Top Gear")

Its about time that something was done about Jeremy Clarkson! I have refused to watch "Top Gear" ever since he staged that Tesla demonstration because I felt that I could not trust his "reporting".

I for one hope that he won't ever review the Model-X. | 2015年3月11日

Well, I for one will never watch that show.

Come to think of it I never have. In fact I have never heard of the show or Jeremy Clarkson, the single most watched television show in the world. Shows what I know--not much apparently.

His suspension by the BBC sounds overdue.

ian | 2015年3月11日

I enjoy Top Gear now and again. If you ever thought him a trustworthy reporter, well, I don't know what to say. He is quite the entertainer though!

I never knew when to catch the newest episodes and would always catch them on when it was a rerun.

michelcolman | 2015年3月12日

"Top Gear is the most watched factual programme in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records."

Come again? Factual programme? I do enjoy watching their show (although it used to be a lot better than it is today) but you can hardly call it factual. In the Tesla lawsuit, they even defended themselves by saying that viewers know that it's obviously just an entertainment show, not to be relied on for actual correct information. Therefore, they were allowed some creative liberty.

A friend of mine saw them recording one of their "races" when he was on vacation in the Alps. You know what I mean, one of those neck-and-neck races over thousands of km with them running into all sorts of trouble, getting lost or pulled over, etc. The way it happened in reality: the cars arrived on a big truck, were carefully offloaded, cameras were positioned along a short section of the road, the cars drove up a bit, then they were loaded back onto the trucks for the next shoot. Factual programme, right...

Red Sage ca us | 2015年3月12日

Ah... The Magic of Television!

bent | 2015年3月12日

Top Gear is a sitcom with cars in it.

It is doubly amusing from the fact that 95% of its viewers think it's a product review show.

vperl | 2015年3月12日

Typical Brit TV, With clowns and all.

raffael s. | 2015年3月12日

Ah come on don't be like that! Wether you like Clarkson or not, i don't mind. But don't reflect that on to Tesla. I like Tesla, but I don't want Tesla fans to be angry at anyone talking bad about the company or the cars! If Tesla has a problem with Top Gear, thats Top Gears problem, or Teslas, depending on which way you look at it! They mock about every other car and exaggerate all the time, thats true! But please don't reduce Clarkson to one review you didn't agree with. If you hate him then because he is old fashioned, sometimes racist and a big chauvinist. Or like him because he is funny, witty and unconventional. I for my self like the show (or liked it?), but i don't agree on lots of things they want to tell me.

vandacca | 2015年3月12日

@raffael_s., it's pretty simple for me. I'm not a car-buff and generally don't get too excited about car-related stuff. For me, a car is a practical thing to get me from point A to B. Therefore, I've never watched "Top Gear" (at least not a full episode) and wouldn't know enough to question anything I saw on that program. It appeared to me to be a review of automobiles, but like I said, I never watched a full episode, so maybe if I had, I would have come to the same conclusion as in this thread.

However, believing that "Top Gear" was a program about automobile reviews and seeing that they drove a Roadster around in circles for hours to drain the battery before starting the cameras rolling is plain deceitful. Therefore, I cannot trust anything on that program. I would have been interested in watching "Top Gear" if it was an honest program evaluating automobiles.

I'm just not interesting in watching a program about a guy with Borderline-Personality-Disorder (BPD) making a fool of himself and others. Never liked or watched any of those reality shows. The fewer of them there are, the better in my opinion.

vandacca | 2015年3月12日

...furthermore, I think its dangerous to mislead the pubic about something as important as a next-generation technology that is supposed to help reduce the effects of global warming. Even if most people know not to trust what they saw on this program, there will always be a number of people that will form an incorrect opinion based on this episode, which I think is irresponsible.

raffael s. | 2015年3月12日

I think if Top gear would have been a honest program, it would have bored me to hell like every other car show. The fun of the show was the guy with BPD and his friends making fun of themselves, each other and sometimes others. In their last show Jeremy even preferred the i8 to the M3, which was a huge step for a person with his mindset.... Well he changed his opinion back, after he heard Rooney (soccer player) drives one. They are in some way stupid, but they don't want to sell you something, because they gain something, or want to lobby, they want to entertain. And well, if you want to try it out, I would recommend you to watch one of their specials, Burma or something like that. But don't blame me if you like it!

Brian H | 2015年3月13日

The show needs to start with a prominent disclaimer:

"Entertainment only. Do not rely on this show for accurate information or informed comment. Testing results and car performance are scripted, not actual. Not responsible for foolish purchase decisions by viewers."

vandacca | 2015年3月13日

+1 @Brian H

raffael s. | 2015年3月14日

Not everything needs a disclaimer... like Mac-Donalds putting a warning sign on coffee saying it is hot. If you don't know coffee is hot you deserve to get burned! And if you believe everything they tell you on TV is true you are gonna have a bad time too... I don't think anybody that would have bought a Roadster would have decided otherwise because of Top-Gear. In fact that was the first time I heard of Tesla and now I am a huge fan!

Red Sage ca us | 2015年3月15日

Litigation. This is why there are now instructions on a packet of toothpicks.

Brian H: +1 UP! That reminds me of the disclaimer at the beginning of 'SOUTH PARK' episodes. I'd do it if I were producing 'TOP GEAR'. God job.

3seeker | 2015年3月25日
vandacca | 2015年3月25日

I've heard from a very reliable source that Jeremy Clarkson will be joining forces with Jian Ghomeshi on a new Satellite Radio program about loose cars and fast women. Brought to you by the "Hosts Ousted by British/Canadian Broadcast System" (HOBCBC).

vperl | 2015年3月26日

3seeker, beat you.

Nice avoidance

3seeker | 2015年3月26日


good for you.

vperl | 2015年3月26日

Some got "it" some do not.

I forgive you .