"Hey man, you know your car is on, right?"

"Hey man, you know your car is on, right?"

I keep Smart Preconditioning on. Coworkers are always reminding me that my car is on, usually around lunch time or near the end of the day. The first couple of times it was kind of cool (pun intended) to explain it (car knows my schedule and turns the AC on before I get in, blah blah blah). But it's a large office and it seems "new" people are discovering my car making noise in the lot almost daily. This has been going on for months now. So here are my two questions:

1. what is the best response, without expending too much energy explaining?
2. how to keep people from bugging me about this (turning off Smart Preconditioning is not an option)?

NKYTA | 2015年6月16日

Just tell them it is communicating with the Tesla Mothership and you just got a laser cannon update....over the air. ;-)

Pleasanton_Ca | 2015年6月16日

It's one big computer and I have the thermostat set for 72 degree.

Or, "Okay thanks"

KL | 2015年6月16日

I'm going with the laser cannon one.

christinawang1990 | 2015年6月16日

hi LAR ious

Pungoteague_Dave | 2015年6月16日

Tell them you have a supercharger out there and charging is free forever, so why not?

DavetheSmelter | 2015年6月16日

Just say its getting ready to do wonderful things...or just a thank you! Its getting ready for me!

flamey | 2015年6月16日

Leave a sheet that says "Yes I know that the AC runs at and . Thanks for your concern. -teslagiddy."

Then leave it either in the windshield or rear window, whichever is more conspicuous to the average passerby.

flamey | 2015年6月16日

It didnt like my angle brackets and ate them as html. Should read as:

at (time 1) and (time 2).

justinmk3 | 2015年6月16日

Be the last to leave for lunch, and the last to leave for work. :P

Tropopause | 2015年6月16日

As a Tesla owner, it is your responsibility to represent the company in lieu of a traditional marketing campaign. Therefore you are required to answer these questions everyday with a smile on your face.

Check the Owner's Manual- I think it stated in there. :P

Anthony J. Parisio | 2015年6月17日

I agree with Tropopause. However, if you really don't want to say much how about,"thank you. It knows what to do."

alex.sanders | 2015年6月17日

Construct a fake split unit AC compressor from a cardboard box and some stick-on photos, add a pipe (drain pipe from older washer/dryer is perfect).

Remove your "compressor" from the frunk when you arrive at work, place near the front of the car with pipe leading underneath...should do the trick.

kirk | 2015年6月17日

For a serious answer, I'd just say "the car learns my schedule and turns on climate control in advance of my arrival".

Roamer@AZ USA | 2015年6月17日

The only possible answer is....The car has a mind of its own.....

And as we all know cars like that should be given a wide berth. Probably not a good idea to park or walk close to a car that has a mind of its own.

Maybe just leave a copy of the book on the dash.

Big T | 2015年6月17日

Roamer, I like your style.

LostInPA | 2015年6月17日

Don't drive your S to work :-)

cpmarino | 2015年6月17日

I'm not sure I would ever get tired of answering that question! "Yes, my car is smart enough to know when I'm leaving and will pre-cool itself so that it reaches my desired temperature before I depart."

Or, just paste a sticky note to your office door that says "I know. Thank you."

amatiych | 2015年6月17日

The first time the pre-conditining kicked in I did not expect it. My schedule is not that predictable. I found co-worker walking around my car all concerned on why my car is "running". I was surprised at first then looked at the iPhone App and realized what happened. Had fun explaining how smart my car is that it knows my schedule and what time I usually go home.

Goose | 2015年6月17日

@Tropopause: that is known as "Free marketing for life by locals".

Out of town Tesla owners may no longer do any marketing.

teslaliving | 2015年6月17日

Why do you say "turning off Smart Preconditioning is not an option"? I turned it off. I found it running at odd times of the day and just wasting energy. Its not smart. I'd rather a manually settable schedule. With it off if I feel I need heat or A/C before I get to the car I figure up the app and start it. But mostly i'd prefer to save the wasted energy from it doing dumb things.

jordanrichard | 2015年6月17日

It really shouldn't take any in depth explaining. The car is simply cooling the interior/heating the interior based on my schedule. Of course they might then ask if you had to set that, to which you tell them it learned on it's own.

Now where is might get interesting is if you are in a public place and a cop/meter maid thinks your car is running, unattended. In more and more places, this is illegal. | 2015年6月17日

It's just the van degraaff generator charging up to get ready to give a jolt anyone who gets too close to the car. | 2015年6月17日 | 2015年6月17日

Never mind. Forum app can't find the URL of the photo.

iTesla | 2015年6月17日

In the spirit of N. Tesla, "It's charging over the air."

thranx | 2015年6月17日

My car snores.

AmpedRealtor | 2015年6月17日

Just put a note in your window, problem solved!

tezzla.SoCal | 2015年6月17日

At least it's just making noise. I had a 911 that would leak oil onto the engine and would billow smoke periodically. I had many people tell me my car was on fire! Happened while driving or stopped, but I even had someone knock on my door at home once. Talk about embarrassing.

prp | 2015年6月17日

Thankyou, my car likes to keep itself cool

BozieB | 2015年6月17日

I would just grin and tell, "I know, it can 'sense' that i will be leaving soon and it's doing it's best to please me by having the temperature ready for me".

trixiew | 2015年6月17日

It's too bad the music doesn't come on when you pre-condition. That could be fun.

ragtopday | 2015年6月17日

I agree with flamey's suggestion, I would also consider getting a 3X5 index card and list all the other thing the car can do

Red Sage ca us | 2015年6月17日

Put a card in the window that reads, "My car is smarter than yours." Or, "This is the Knight Industries 10,000."

Brian H | 2015年6月18日

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Brian H | 2015年6月18日

typo: display

prp | 2015年6月18日

Brian, you made a spelling mistake. Shame on you!

2015P90DI | 2015年6月18日

When I see people looking at my car, I just have the car flash the lights to say hello. If they get "too close" like putting their hands on the windows to look inside, I have the car honk at them. Sorry, but it's funny as hell to see people jump after getting busted for getting too close. Look all you want, but please, I don't want your hand prints on my windows!!

I look forward to the day when Elon adds a talking feature the car like KITT, so I can have the car talk to those getting too close!! An auto window tint would be great too, to darken the windows when they try to see what's inside. The Auto-Pilot feature will be awesome too when it starts allowing the car to park itself. Then when someone gets to close, the car can just excuse itself and drive away!! :-)