Hot climate A/C usage

Hot climate A/C usage

Just put my deposit down (Yay!) but was wondering about the effect of A/C on battery usage. I live in South Florida so need the A/C 11 months of the year. I know the production cars won't be exactly like the prototype, but that moon roof is going to make the car like a furnace. Even if the production car has a solid roof I'll still need to use the A/C all the time. How many kW does anyone think the all electric A/C will pull?

Douglas3 | 2010年11月24日

This came up in another forum section. It's early days for the Model S, so at this point we can only go by the Roadster's performance.

I estimated from the ammeter that my Roadster uses 2.4kW to run the A/C. Depending on driving conditions that might reduce the range by 38 miles if it were going full blast all the time.

The Model S will probably be similar; yes there will be more heat load but also more battery capacity.

JackieB | 2010年12月2日

So the mileage estimates are based on solely moving the car? No A/C, Heat, Wipers, Lights, etc?

How would one estimate the cost of charging from “empty”?

What effect will -20°F have upon the range?

I haven’t spent a whole bunch of time clicking around the website. Is there an area that lists the options?

Winter is almost upon us in Illinois and every year it gets more painful…

Brian H | 2010年12月8日

I think EPA mileage estimates make reasonable allowance for normal use of those accessories. But driving style and traffic patterns are such overwhelming influences, that those're all comparatively trivial in their net effect. As Timo put it, flat-out highway, 200 mi. Slow stop-n-go city traffic, 400 mi. Everything else is details.

Brian H | 2010年12月8日

Correction: flat-out highway, under 200 mi. ("your speed and mileage may vary"). ;)

Vawlkus | 2010年12月8日

Also, as has been stated before, the climate control in Tesla's cars don't chew up much range. The heater or A/C going full bore for 8 solid hours will loose you 10 to 15 miles of range. I seriously doubt people drive for 8 solid hours a day, so the amount of range you'd loose isn't much, probably only a mile or three.

txjak | 2010年12月23日

Living in Austin, Texas, I had the same concern about the sunroof back in June, so I emailed Tesla. Here is the rep's response:

"With regards to the sunroof on the Model S, it is likely that the panoramic style that you have seen in the prototype photographs will be an option. A solid roof or conventional sunroof should be offered as well, so if heat entering the cockpit is you main concern, you can address that with any of these options. This is partly speculation on my part, as the final options for the car have yet to be defined."