How fast do falcon wing doors open?

How fast do falcon wing doors open?

Anyone know how fast the falcon wing doors open compared to power minivan doors for example?
They need to open quickly. Can they be opened manually?

TeoTeslaFan | 2014年9月9日
vandacca | 2014年9月9日

As a side-note, @Teo_, that's a very helpful and useful post. Keep those posts coming.

With regards to the speed of the doors, I hope that the final production model will have the doors open more quickly and more smoothly than on the prototype. I wouldn't expect them to open much more quickly (maybe ~5 seconds), but definitely it should open more smoothly. There was a little bounce when the doors reached the top that was a little disconcerting.


pvetesla | 2014年9月9日


I would be concerned if the doors did that now. But that was a prototype. You need to give them some leeway. I can guarantee by the time we are driving our new MX's most, if not all the bugs, will be gone and we will be left with a nearly perfect SUV...including many upgrades we couldn't even imagine.

vandacca | 2014年9月9日

@pvetesla, I agree that Tesla needs some leeway since the doors were only a prototype. I do hope that the final production model will be a little faster and a little more smooth. I'm highly anticipating the announcement of the production model so I can see exactly what my next vehicle is going to be like.


Ohmman | 2014年9月9日

I believe they should open fast enough that one can crack a walnut between them at the apex. But that's one reservation holder's opinion.

Boredwithnames | 2014年9月19日


Basiacally we all want pretend were Marty McFly and we can fling the doors open and slam them shut again.

400 times a day.

Red Sage ca us | 2014年9月19日

I'm pretty sure it has the stupid 'bing' warning sounds. | 2014年9月19日

Maybe Tesla will have more intelligent bings.
Maybe they will be software selectable in the form of a bing app like cell phones.
If so, mine might open to the tune "Open the door, Richard." Or maybe not.

vandacca | 2014年9月19日

If anyone else also didn't know the reference to "Open the door Richard", check out this link...

@georgehawley, you're showing your age with references like that. ;)


Iowa92x | 2014年9月19日

3.8 seconds, quarter mile in 12.3.

ian | 2014年9月19日

Hadn't heard that one before! Thanks!

I'm not young but I have a feeling some of you would still call me a kid. Haha! ;-)

Guy2095 | 2014年9月19日

"Open the pod bay doors HAL." | 2014年9月21日


jjs | 2014年9月25日

@georgehawley O my, that is OLD! I have to say, I would be tempted to make that the door "bing" as well. Too funny. However, I doubt it would last long. The X is for my wife and I'm sure she would bribe one of the kids to change it as there is no way she would be able to do it herself! :)