How long do I wait for a test drive after reserving a Model S?

How long do I wait for a test drive after reserving a Model S?

I reserved a Model S a month ago (yes, I'm still a bit giddy) and promptly requested a test drive using the form on this site. However, I have yet to year from anyone, not even a confirmation that my request was received.

Is this normal? How long did other people have to wait before hearing back about a test drive? How long was the wait to actually drive the car? Can I just walk into the dealership in Menlo Park and ask for a test drive right then and there?

archibaldcrane | 2013年1月10日

Call your local store, they'll set you up with a test drive appointment. My last test drive I set it up for about 2 weeks in the future.

Ceilidh | 2013年1月10日

If you are like me, you wait 3 1/2 years until your car arrives to get behind the wheel. Although I suppose that is not typical.


shaneosullivan1 | 2013年1月10日

archibaldcrane - You were right, I called them and have a test drive next Tuesday. Can't wait!

murraypetera | 2013年1月10日

you need not reserve to test drive anymore. at least in the NE reservation holder have priority but anyone and book a time slot for a drive.

jbunn | 2013年1月10日


Same here. I was in the back seat at the big Fremont factory event (no one was alowed to drive the Betas). During Get Amped I let my wife drive, since I needed her buy in for this major purchase. Back seat again.

One of the store managers asked me a month ago if I wanted to schedue a ride. I declined. I reserved years ago. I'm expecting delivery in a few more weeks. I want undecided buyers to ride. That keeps the company profitable. For me, it would just be a joy ride. I'll drive my own, thanks.

RAFellows | 2013年1月10日

I used the form twice for the Bellevue, WA store and did not hear back from them. After I made a reservation I called and received an appointment for the next day. You don't need a reservation first, however if you do have one you move ahead of others that do not. So, call them, don't bother with the form.