How to secure the UMC charge cable outdoors?

How to secure the UMC charge cable outdoors?

I have to keep my new Model S outdoors in an open area (in front of my house) for charging, and I would like to keep the charge cable plugged in at home when I leave the house with the car. While I live in a safe neighborhood, I'd still like to figure out a way to secure the charge cable so it won't "walk away" while it isn't connected to the car. (I had a previous Lexus stolen from my front drive, so I'm more cautious than I used to be.)

I can't seem to find an outdoor outlet box that I can close and lock over the end of the UMC that plugs into the NEMA14-50 (the end is too deep -- about 5" deep).

The boxy-thing on the UMC doesn't have any kind of security tie down in it (like laptop computers) or a loop I could pass a bike or other lock through.

Anybody have any suggestions for me? Since the UMC is $650, I think it is worth a bit of problem solving. I just know I won't put it in the car everytime I'm done charging...

Thanks for any suggestions.

Earl and Nagin ... | 2014年6月1日

One solution is to use a padlock with a large hasp that will go around the charging cable but the connector and UMC won't pass through it. You can then use a normal bike lock cable to lock your UMC cable to something solid, just as you would a bicycle.

Sniper | 2014年6月1日

sack. I assume from your log-in you live in the Palo Alto general area. If I remember, PG&E used to offer lockable meter inclosure boxes for use in remote areas where power theft can be common. If they no longer do, your electrician should be able to find an outdoor NEMA rated box that could be locked. One word of caution in your area, keep a can of wasp killer near by, little *&%* love those dark dry places.

Red Sage ca us | 2014年6月1日

I'm not sure... but it sounds as if you are looking for some type of Kensington Lock to secure either your UMC/HPWC, or the power cable itself...? I'm not certain what you have in mind exactly. You may be able to find individual components, that together, would fill your need here:

KENSINGTON: Lock Anchor Points & Accesories

Should you decide to fabricate your own wooden box to conceal the hardware, a hasp lock like this might work to secure the door panel with a padlock of your own choosing:

HAFELE 235.17.200 - HASP LOCK | 2014年6月1日

Earl and Nagin,

That's clever. I think you mean something like this?:

Except you may have something even simpler: just the padlock and a cable bike lock!


Thanks for the warning about the wasps. I'm allergic, so that's really good to know.


danej | 2014年6月2日

Here's how I did it. Box model number is in the second picture:


docgas63 | 2014年6月5日

I had the same issue here in Sugar Land, TX. I had an electrician install a 14-50 outlet in my garage and had another installed (on the same circuit) just outside the garage on the brick. ( I know I can not use both outlets at same time). However, garage is full of junk and I have a nice porte cochere at my house. I wanted to keep the UMC plugged into my garage outlet for security. My solution was to drill a 2.5" hole thru the garage and install a PVC conduit. Now the UMC stays plugged into the inside garage outlet and I thread it thru the conduit and plug it into the car. When not charging, I just thread the charger back into the conduit and cover the conduit with the appropriate sized PVC cap. Works great.

Red Sage ca us | 2014年6月5日

Nice solutions, Guys!

amatiych | 2014年6月6日

Has anyone used Wall Connector Cable Organizer for UMC?

KWTESLA | 2014年6月6日

Sack use a HPWC it is outdoor rated and the best way to charge Model S . No problems with someone unplugging it and taking it either. Long run it is far better way to go faster also.

2-Star | 2014年6月7日


I use a Wall Connector Cable Organizer in the condo garage in Naples FL and outside the house in Maine. Works perfectly with USB Connector in both places. Leave them up all year and move USB Connector back and forth. Highly recommended.

amatiych | 2014年6月7日

Thank you.

KenN | 2014年6月7日

I posted up a couple of photos of my setup with the 14-50 outlet in a box over in the TMC forums a little while back. See reply #15 of this thread;

amatiych | 2014年6月7日

That's exactly what I need and will do on my driveway.

Brian H | 2014年6月9日
matt_silvers | 2019年12月16日

so the dongle part of the cable that plugs into the car can be wet when it's plugged in? I'm seeing water protection for the 15-40 outlet but NOT for the cable and dongle.. advice much appreciated.