The ICE man is worried

The ICE man is worried

Check the Boston Globe, Metro West section today. Mass auto dealers are launching suits against TM challenging the direct selling approach. Methinks they are frantically looking for ways to avoid / delay the inevitable challenge to ICEs.

Pungoteague_Dave | 2013年2月7日

Very old news

olanmills | 2013年2月7日

They are worried about their business, not EV vs. ICE per se. If their own inventories included EVs, and their customers wanted them, I hardly think they would be against that.

What they don't like is a car manufacturer selling directly to customers, because that's a threat to the status quo.

DonS | 2013年2月7日

The law is in place to prevent a manufacturer from putting in company dealerships and riding the coattails of the very dealers that built the brand. Tesla has no independent dealers, so I hope the appeals judge sees that the MA dealers are just trying do the opposite, i.e. take advantage the branding that Tesla built without their help.

Superliner | 2013年2月8日

As soon as there is a TRULY affordable EV with minimum 200 mile range and >45 min. charge time. The ICE man will be over.

ICE cars are looking at the beginning of their end with the introduction of Model S. (If the price points come down) if not then the Model S and X and Y and Z will be nothing more than niche market cars because let's face it MOST families cannot buy a $80,000 car or even a $60,000 car.

By TRULY affordable I mean priced the same as their ICE counterpart.
Take a Ford Focus Entry level price $16,200 to top of the line Titanium sedan $23,200 Then we have the 75 mile Focus electric @ a whopping $40,000 and they wonder why the sales are abysmal.

If the Focus Electric was say $24,200 with a minimum 160-200 mile range I bet they would sell. Heck I'd have one already!