Jalopnik's article: Tesla Motors’ Devastating Design Problem

Jalopnik's article: Tesla Motors’ Devastating Design Problem

Scathing article, not good for the EV point of view.
I for one never expected to allow my EV to drain so low.
Perhaps TM can address this lesson learned from Roadster owners in a fix/workaround in Model S, X, and Roadster 2.0s.


Brian H | 2012年2月22日

Bottom line: TM seems to be soft-pedalling the message/fact that total discharge destroys the battery, and it's not under warranty or insurable. Cost >$40,000 or so.

the bonnie | 2012年2月22日

I'm sorry. This just seems much ado about nothing. Sensationalism at its worst.

If you fail to keep oil in your ICE vehicle, you'll lose the engine. That's not covered by warranty, either.

I was well-informed by Tesla prior to delivery (and upon delivery) regarding battery maintenance. A poll on the TMC forum indicates EV owners are well aware of their responsibilities regarding battery maintenance.

The Roadster battery will shut itself down (after multiple warnings) before it hits zero SOC, leaving it enough charge to protect itself until you can plug it in. I wish journalists would do their homework. But I guess it makes a great soundbite - and it definitely feeds the anti-EV agenda.

I've owned an EV for over a year now & am so unconcerned about this that I've made the commitment to go 100% electric. I will be replacing my Prius with the Model X in 2013.

Volker.Berlin | 2012年2月22日

Tesla Battery 'Bricking': The Real Story Behind The Scare

Peak Oil bruin | 2012年2月22日

Don't suppose the brick blog author runs a PAC for the GOP Pres. candidates, e.g. Rick Santorum - talk about FUD.
Thanks for the article of redemption.

Vawlkus | 2012年2月23日

Another idiot out to blame anyone but the one whose at fault: THEMSELVES.

Only got one thing to say: RTFM (read the f***ing manual).

AndyM | 2012年2月23日

Strong indicators of personal whining, er, bias in the article: