Luggage capacity

Luggage capacity

Now that the final(?) specifications are online, I am pleasantly surprised by the luggage capacity. A quick online comparison with other full size sedans and station wagons shows that the Model S sets a new standard here, too. It's almost too much to be believable: The latest MB E station wagon offers 695 liters (rear seats up, presumably largest luggage capacity in its class), while the Model S has 812 liters in the rear alone (explicitly stated with seats up). Can this be true?

If so then this is another mosaic piece to Elon's promise that the Model S is designed to be the only car you ever need. I'm happy that I'm already in line! :-)

ggr | 2011年12月21日

Yes, it's very believable. The rear trunk goes all the way down to the bottom of the car (leg room for the rear facing child seats), and then there's the whole frunk (that is, Front Trunk) too!

Volker.Berlin | 2011年12月22日

Thanks ggr, glad to hear that from someone who has seen the car in person(?). The 812 liters actually refer to the trunk alone, the frunk adds another 229 liters (usual trunk capacity of a subcompact).

Volker.Berlin | 2012年1月13日

According to the updated Features page, the Model S has a total storage capacity of 66 cu ft (1869 liters) with rear seats folded down.

That's at the upper end of the E-class (1950 l), 5-series (1670 l) and A6 (1680 l) wagon capacities.

Mycroft | 2012年1月13日

I think that includes the "frunk" and the jump-seat footwell. Don't know for sure though. Even so, that's a LOT of space for a 4-door fastback! Take that you Panamera you!

gagliardilou | 2012年1月13日

Yes enough space so that my family can use this car instead of our old 190,000 mile minivan. It will be nice going to church in style - pulling up in the Tesla carrying my 4 boys and my wife and I - opening the hatch to let my two kids out of the jump seats and then popping the hood to get our cookies out for coffee after the morning service. That should get people asking about the car.

stephen.kamichik | 2012年1月13日

The 66 cubic feet includes the frunk and the rear seats folded.