Model S as my daily commuter

Model S as my daily commuter

I drive 26o mile round trip,5 days a week(all highway). I currently have a BMW M3. I average 70 - 85mph. Do you think the S model would be good for me? I fill upeveryday. I'm currently spending $200 per week in gas.

Dan5 | 2010年11月15日

I'm in more or less the same boat as you. I drive a significant distance, almost all highway also and require the 300 mile range battery.

The questions you have to ask are the following:

How long can you charge the battery?
Does your company have charging stations?
How long are you keeping the car?

I can tell you off the bat, that with the model S, in theory, I would be cutting down my fuel costs by 7/8 (so for you it's like saving 10,000/yr).

Currently they are testing the batteries, and I would like to see the degradation curve. If there's only a little degradation at 200,000 miles where you can still drive 260 miles on the 300 mile battery, that's a heck of a deal. Or even 200 miles if your company has a charging station

Even if you have to replace the battery after 3 years, at the current market value, it more of less paid for itself. Think about what goes wrong after 200,000 mile on a normal car.

Here's something else to consider.
Get the 300 mile range, when it drops to 260 or somewhere, sell it and put the "gas savings" along with the sale price towards to purchase of a new 300 mile range model S. That's the good thing about electric cars, the major wear part is the battery and what may be unacceptable to you, may be perfectly acceptable to another person (not like an ICE engine, where buying an ICE engine with over 150,000 miles are more or less a beater car)

Vawlkus | 2010年11月16日

One last question to consider: Do you stay in one place long enough to plug your car in while you're working? If so, then the 300 mile battery would be more than you need. Even a standard 110v outlet will give you some added range, even if you only left it plugged in for 4 hours or so.

qwk | 2010年11月16日

It would only work if you could plug in at work, or drive 55-60mph.

ChristianG | 2010年11月17日

yeah don't go to close to the estimated range, I actualy never come close to the 4.3l / 100km wich my prius stated to have... so without a charging possibility it would be a really close call.