Model S service plans

Model S service plans

FYI: Model S service plan info online now:

blurry_eyed | 2012年9月10日

Also service center locations: actual and planned.

zwjohnston7 | 2012年9月10日

I am happy with this. Coming from someone from Omaha, NE, getting rid of the dollar per mile ranger fee makes a huge difference for me. This is another item I can check off towards following through with purchasing my Model S.

STARR X | 2012年9月10日

Living in Atlanta, GA, I'm glad that there is enough interest in Tesla for them to have a service center. And it appears a showroom at Lenox Square is coming too.

Teoatawki | 2012年9月10日

Nice to see Hawaii gets a service center and the claim 90% of reservation holders will be within 100 miles of a service center soon.

Also, rims, tires, studded tires, indoor and outdoor car covers are now in the store.

Oliver in Seattle | 2012年9月10日

I posted this over in the punch list thread, but really, the prepaid ranger option seems like a pretty good deal. I just spent $1500 on new brakes for our 2009 Q7. Even not having to drive down to the service center (10 miles from my house) annually is worth the investment to me.

Also interesting that they note the software updates can be done "while you sleep"


BryanW | 2012年9月10日

Awesome news!!!

Under the old ranger program, it would have cost me $1000 a visit to have the range come from Denver to Utah.

The 4 year anywhere program with ranger visits is great!!! It will significantly reduce my TCO!

Thank you Tesla!

SaltyDDDog | 2012年9月10日

BryanW - just out of curiosity, SLC area? Also a res holder in SLC, so nice to see we have the makings of a club.

BryanW | 2012年9月10日

@Salty - Orem, I've configured my Model S, MVPA says Nov delivery. Still hoping to be 'thankful' for my Model S on turkey day. You? We can keep the Utah conversation going in the Utah thread under 'Others' in the Clubs threads, so we don't hijack this thread.

Slindell | 2012年9月10日

Don't forget the blog entry!

Brian H | 2012年9月10日

I count 19 planned new service centers, including Vancouver! That will make the Left Coast much more liveable for Tesla owners.

Beaker | 2012年9月10日

The unlimited ranger plan is $100 cheaper than the prepaid maintenance for my Highlander and they will come to me.

Brian H | 2012年9月10日

The abolition of mileage charges is gonna be a biggie for some!

MandL | 2012年9月11日

Service Center will only be about 40 miles from me in Bethesda, but DC traffic sucks enough I'll probably get the unlimited ranger plan. Awesome!

It would be nice though if I can add it to the initial purchase price/financing. Especially since the additional wheels aren't ready yet and will have to be purchased separately at a service center.

Teoatawki | 2012年9月11日

Additional aren't ready yet? Surprising. The rims, snow tires, and studded tires are now listed in the online store.

Timo | 2012年9月11日

Where? I checked Tesla store and studded or snow tires are not there. Some other (non-US) country page? Couple of 21" tire choises only.

nickjhowe | 2012年9月11日

@Timo - here: The links for winter tyres are live even though the 'picture is coming soon'

Timo | 2012年9月11日

I must be blind. Didn't read text, glanced at the picture, no tire there, so must not be tire-related. Time to make some coffee I guess.

ChristianG | 2012年9月11日

While the Ranger fee surely is good news, but 600$? The same as the roadster? No adventages for service when you design your own? No adventage when you can get the battery pack off in 2 min?

"■Electric vehicle ownership is extremely advantageous compared to traditional vehicle ownership - gasoline is not needed and routine maintenance is minimal"

600$ + multiple houres of work doesn't look like minimal maintanance. Or what other maintenance does tesla expect?

Sudre_ | 2012年9月11日

"Replacement parts like brake pads and windshield wipers (excluding tires)"
"New features"
"24 hour roadside assistance"

I'll take that for 4 years at $475 a year.... and they added year maintenance to the package. This is what I was hoping for.

Sudre_ | 2012年9月11日

year = yearly

Timo | 2012年9月11日

@Brian H

The abolition of mileage charges is gonna be a biggie for some!

To me it would. Looks like nearest Tesla service center is more than 1000 miles from where I live (land route).

Also looking at the Tesla chart "Tesla everywhere" doesn't count anything east from Sweden/Germany/Austria/Italy in Europe. It looks like Tesla is still strongly just tiny US-only company with some not-so-important branch offices in Europe. From look of it it might be possible that we get Tesla charger network here in somewhere 2020 or so.

I hope Leaf gets bigger battery soon, I might have to forget the dream of getting Tesla GenIII car here ever. Or Coda. Or BMW.

Making copy&paste because website probably logs me out after pressing submit...

space09 | 2012年9月11日

I'm guessing that since it wasn't mentioned, there will be no loaner vehicle available at the service centers. Two hours would be a long time to wait. After reading the blog and having a local service center, figured I would prepay the $1,900 for 4 years service, but an extra $500 might be worth not having to wait. Since the location hasn't been announced for the Houston location, it isn't yet clear it will be in a location that you would want to wait.

Brian H | 2012年9月11日

ChristianG | September 11, 2012
While the Ranger fee surely is good news, but 600$ $600? The same as the roadster? No adventages advantages for service when you design your own? No adventage advantage when you can get the battery pack off in 2 min?

What are you on about? Design your own what? What does that have to do with anything? And the battery pack comes off in a robotized lift facility only, and would be irrelevant to annual servicing anyway.

600$ $600 + multiple houres hours of work

There are no hours charged for scheduled maintenance.

U iz confuzed.

skystream3.7 | 2012年9月11日

all sounds good if you drive 10,000 miles a year. What if you drive 35,000 does that mean you pay $1900 a year in service?

bfranks273 | 2012年9月11日

The service will take a number of hours (Roadster experience). Also there are some things the Ranger cant do, tire balance and alignment. Maybe other things? Need to ask.

Volker.Berlin | 2012年9月11日

Brian H, as you know, I hate it when a 3rd party explains a 2nd party what a 1st party intended to say... But let me explain ChristianG's post: Designing a car in-house, from the ground up, with the experience from the Roadster and all, wouldn't you expect that the result should be easier (read: cheaper) to maintain than the Roadster? I certainly would.

Joshua Burstyn | 2012年9月11日

I am a bit disappointed with the service offerings. I live <20km from a service centre and was initially told I was in the 50km radius for no-additional-cost maintenance by a ranger. Now this will cost me $100/visit.

My wife and I drive a considerable number of Km and the limits shown for the four year plan are not useful; 50,000 miles (80,000 Km) represents fewer than 3 years of driving. The $2400.00 is still less than we've paid to maintain our ICE vehicle though.

We will have to look and see whether we'll simply attend a service centre to make this slightly more tenable or take the $100.00 hit each year. Last time I mentioned the Tesla to my wife she said she wants to show our car off at work... she'll probably have a ranger come to her work and make a big scene while doing the repairs in the parking lot. Sigh.

jjs | 2012年9月11日

I have been a reservation holder for about 2 years now. I too, like zwjohnston7, am from Omaha, NE. (zwjohnston7 - Would love to have a drink to discuss our future Model Ses. Perhaps we can get the Orange Roadster owner with Fremont plates to join us.)

I have never wavered in my desire for delivery, but have had two thoughts. 1) I'm crazy, and 2)I'm really crazy.

Crazy because I'm buying a rear wheel drive car that I plan on using year round. Banking (sorry for the pun) on the low CoG to solve the significant issues rear wheel drive vehicles have in the snow. Really Crazy because I'm buying a car that doesn't have a service center within 500 miles.

This announcement reduces my insanity to simple craziness.

Theresa | 2012年9月11日

Why do so many people associate rear wheel drive with poor driveability in snow? It is because most every rear wheel drive car has all the weight (motor) in the front so the rear wheels do not have the weight on them. In the case of the Model S the weight is distributed more evenly so rear wheel or front wheel should be similar in ability to move in the snow. But it is far safer to have the rear wheels possibly break free and have the front still in contact with the road so you can steer and maintain some degree of control.

zwjohnston7 | 2012年9月11日

jjs - nothing to be crazy about, I currently drive a rear wheel drive 5 series BMW, and I get around here in Omaha in the snow better than most people (but most people just don't know how to drive, and that's another story). Not a problem, especially with heavier vehicles.

kevincwelch | 2012年9月11日

This was predictable, I think.

This is a new car with a lot of unknowns. It's a shame it's starting to look like it's going to come at a high price for many "early adopters."

I don't think $1900 for 4 years of service is that expensive. What annoys me about this cost are the mileage limitation, the fact that it does negate everything Tesla has said about being less expensive to maintain and the notion that something (e.g., battery warranty, receiving "updates") may be contingent upon buying this service.

jackhub | 2012年9月11日

In a conversation with a cabbie in the Northeast I remarked that they seemed to know how to drive in the snow. He replied, no they are just more accustomed to not knowing how to drive in the snow! I suspect that has something to do with the rep of rear drive cars- people are more accustomed to not knowing how to drive in the snow.

Volker.Berlin | 2012年9月11日

Re: Rear wheel drive. Other readers were also interested in the following threads... ;-)

"AWD Model S"

"Rear wheel drive"

"Things I would like (coming from someone who lives where it snows)"

loisascott | 2012年9月12日

When I read the announcement I was excited. Outside of the high mileage folks seems like a very fair price. I've never heard of the annual service including all the parts (maybe a filter) but this includes everything but the tires.

I've owned BMW, Audi, Acura, and MB. BMW 3 yr/36K; Audi only the 1st service, MB you can prepay and now they have mbrace which costs.

Maybe others can chime in on Acura and Lexus.

BTW, Roaster service checklist is front and 2/3 of back long list of items, i.e. evacuate and refill refrigerant charge not just inspect.

Everyone spending $60K+ so other than BMW seems like better deal than most competitors. Not to mention they come to you for $100.

okay, be kind when in your rebuttal.

Volker.Berlin | 2012年9月12日

I've never heard of the annual service including all the parts (maybe a filter) but this includes everything but the tires. (loisascott)

In all fairness, parts are a low-hanging fruit for Tesla. There are no parts, really. Well, except wipers and the a/c filter. No oil, no motor air intake, and even much less wear on the break pads thanks to regen. The only expensive part that will wear on a regular basis are tires, and those are excepted -- which is understandable.

Does that make Tesla's plan a bad deal? I don't think so, and I agree that it is darn cool to casually put the line "all parts included" on the website. But everybody has to make that call for themselves.

ddruz | 2012年9月12日

I wrote to my Tesla rep yesterday and received emailed answers to a few questions about the service contract which hopefully will be helpful and prevent some unsupported speculation [also posted on the TMC site]:

1. Tesla Ranger warranty visits, if needed, as well as service visits are included in the "4 year anywhere" plan.
2. Tire rotation is included in the annual service visit.
3. When asked if a person elects to go without any service plan will they get any kind of software updates the reply was "Service plans, the annual service, and warranty have no bearing on software updates. All Model S owners are eligible. However, some updates may require a service technician or a service visit to complete"

Beaker | 2012年9月12日

Did you see Bonnie's post over on TMC: (!/page25#246)

As a Roadster owner, I can tell you that Tesla service is world class. (Thank you Jake, Johnny, Joost, James, Jason, and Garrett.) I was bothered by the annual fee until their in-depth inspection uncovered things I had not noticed. (Really, all four shocks? I didn't notice a thing.) The battery is bled, cells are inspected and IF there is a problem, they fix it. Everything is checked.

And a belated thank you to being our search engine on these forums.

mbcaffe | 2012年9月12日

has anybody asked if wheel alignments are included sorry id i misssed it. it is not included on my bmw 4 yr "free" maintenance and it is not cheap. i think it was $250

Volker.Berlin | 2012年9月12日

Beaker, I only occasionally scan TMC and did not yet read that thread. Thank you for the link! BTW, I guess it must be a typo, the 6th person's name on the list should definitely read Jared! ;-)

And here's the same link again, for everybody else, I hope this time it comes out clickable:!/page25#246

Volker.Berlin | 2012年9月12日

Heck, no. I guess the brackets in the URL are to blame. Let's try explicit HTML:
Model S Service Contracts w/ poll

trydesky | 2012年9月12日


ddruz | 2012年9月13日

mbcaffe--I wrote my Tesla rep a couple days ago about tires and the service plan. Here is his response:

Tire check and rotation is included in the annual service. If tires require replacement, there would be an added cost for the materials. Alignment is only offered where applicable (meaning, the shop needs to have the equipment or the ability to use the equipment).

bp | 2012年9月13日

Assuming there isn't a major failure in the vehicle itself, the largest part of normal maintenance should be the tires.

I am disappointed in the annual maintenance cost (excluding tires) to be $600 per year (or 12,500 miles) - that's roughly what I'm paying for my 6 year old LS.

I had expected that with the much simpler design (no oil changes, radiator, transmission, ...) that maintenance costs would be lower - not about the same as an ICE.

Michael23 | 2012年9月13日

How would they do tire rotations at your house though?

mbcaffe | 2012年9月13日


ChasF | 2012年9月13日


Could you expound a little more on "Alignment is offered where applicable.."? If I understand you, they will only remedy misalignments if they have the equipment on hand? Otherwise you are on your own?
That can't be right.

ChristianG | 2012年9月13日

What are you on about? Design your own what? What does that have to do with anything? And the battery pack comes off in a robotized lift facility only, and would be irrelevant to annual servicing anyway.

600$ $600 + multiple houres hours of work

There are no hours charged for scheduled maintenance.

U iz confuzed.

Thank you for your spellchecking services. as it's clear not that I'm not a native speaker and also have the annoying habit to not care in spelling or where the $ stands. I'll try my best to explain my confuzed way of thinking, and even as the following post will sound overly negative, that's only because I want to explaine why I see those points as negativ and will not add all the things they've done so well.

1. The Price announced that ended up being the price for the cheapest version of the care not fullfilling the 300 miles nor the accelleration. While this is very old news and they didn't lie with their sloagan. It was very missleading. I don't care much about it as advertisment is all about that, but it did fit in my other 'complaints'

2. Elon allways stated they want to compete with BMW and just that it's electric. Well the extras are not. So if you'd cross out the EV factor you'd probably not buy the car for that price.

3. The Statement that it's a low maintenance car is really conflicting the statement that they'll need houres to do the service. Things like the quickly removable battery should make things fast to take apart and therefore make the battery checks whatever they are. $600 every 12000 miles or year where they don't expect to change anything isn't a bargain either. Maybe they just want to be sure to detect the smallest things that will go wrong on their first car, still it feels a bit like you get cheated after reading the advertising claim.

I do admit that my negativ view about this comes from my financial point. A Tesla with 5.6s to 60m/ph and 300miles range for $57k was a no brainer. The Tesla with 240 Miles for $70k hard at the limit. Not getting the latest toys for that money did make the 'spaceship' feeling go away a bit. And now one of the costs I thought I could safe on to justify the higher price vanished too. And next comes European pricing, wich will push the price further up. So I'm aware that me probably not being able to get one plays into it. Still the service price doesn't really make sense to me.

Timo | 2012年9月13日

While I hate to correct spellings your "houres" is bad one. I tend to add "W" in front of that word and leave the "u" out in my mind getting quite a bit different meaning to it. It's "hours", not "houres".

Steve841 | 2012年9月13日

IMO ... when I first read about the service pricing I was interested...

But, I've slept on in and now I think about:
a. The time value of money prepaying vs waiting.
b. The minor change the vehicle may not be around in a year.
c. Something forces an early sale or trade of the Model S
d. Tesla goes belly up.

I'm leaning toward a wait and see what one year brings....

Steve841 | 2012年9月13日

b. "chance" not "change"