Model X Launch Invitation

Model X Launch Invitation

I wish I could attend.. with a bit more notice I may have been able to justify the Toronto -> Fermont trip. Does anyone know if this RSVP is transferrable?

adamgreen | 2015年9月24日

Probably transferrable to the next person(s) in line behind you.
I'd suggest contacting your person at Tesla and seeing if you can nominate someone.
It's a sales event, not a conference with the Pope, : )

sabz | 2015年9月24日

Good suggestion :)

ronjolley | 2015年9月24日

Wouldn't be right if a Launch Invitation went to waste. I live less than 10 miles from the factory, don't have an invite, but would really like to go.

Yes, I'm begging -- ask (someone) earnestly or humbly for something

ronjolley | 2015年9月24日

Just thinking. A person who's received a Launch Invitation can invite someone as a guest. And I'm someone.

eric.zucker | 2015年9月24日

Did you allow marketing emails in your Tesla profile settings? Everyone is getting invites now.

Tâm | 2015年9月24日

May be too late as of 10:30AM if you haven't clicked on the event reservation button:

aljjr2 | 2015年9月24日

The RSVP says the invite is NOT transferable. The confirmation will only be sent to the invitee's email.

I printed the confirmation :)), but I would imagine Tesla is tracking them by email as well.

After receiving the Confirmation, I heard Tesla was no longer accepting RSVPs as well.

johnse | 2015年9月24日

I was mailed an invitation at 8:06 am PDT today. I did not see it until a few minutes ago and, yeah, event is full.

My production # is in the 17,000's. I'm wondering how many of those who got the invite today were actually able to get RSVPs?

pvetesla | 2015年9月24日

Yeah...I clicked my RSVP as soon as I got it.

Flights are easy....but the problem is finding a hotel room. Any ideas?

**keep in mind wife is coming along since it would be her car so the hotel has to be nice enough...haha**

Tâm | 2015年9月24日


Hotels according to :

pvetesla | 2015年9月24日

Yeah...all sold out. Even ones far away have outrageous prices.


Darryl | 2015年9月24日

Last night I was reading the thread about the invitation to the unveiling of the Model X and wishing I had an invitation. Since my production reservation number is 8143 I thought there was no chance in hell I would ever receive an invitation.

To my pleasant surprise when I was reading my emails around noon today while I was in the drive-thru lane getting some fast food there it was an invitation to the event.

My wife was with me and I told her I had received the invitation. Since we live in Florida and we are retired I expected to hear "there is no way you are going to fly to California just to go to the unveiling" but to my surprise she said "why don't we use some of those air miles and go out to the event." I immediately hit the RSVP button and at 12:19pm I received the confirmation.

I love my wife more every day.

I am amazed at what a brilliant visionary Elon Musk truly is and hopefully I will have the chance to meet him. When the children of our generation look back in a few years I think Elon Musk will be the davinci or Einstein of our time. Look what he has done to revolutionize the auto industry on top of what he is doing with the power grid and not to mention what he is doing to put a man (or perhaps a woman) on Mars.

As a kid I dreamed, as most kids did, of going to space and to other planets. It probably won't happen in my lifetime but I am sure it will happen during Elon Musk’s lifetime.

ken | 2015年9月24日

pvetesla | SEPTEMBER 24, 2015, try going North on I-880 to Union City, and not too far North to Hayward or Oakland Airport. My daughter and I are flying in and out of Oakland and had no trouble booking the Hilton at Oakland Airport. Another option is to go North on the other side of Freemont to the Dublin/Pleasanton area there are a lot of nice hotels in that area.

ken | 2015年9月24日

2pvtesla, BTW that is North on I-680, Dublin is at the intersection of I-580 and I-680.

rossRallen | 2015年9月24日

@Darryl - that's a lovely post.

Hope to see you there. See the "self-identification thread" for a way we can connect at the event.

pvetesla | 2015年9月24日

Thanks @ken

On it now! | 2015年9月24日

I got my invitation this AM after the event was full.

@sabr: If you decide to go from Toronto to "Fermont", you will be sadly disappointed.:-))

proven | 2015年9月24日

The confirmation email doesn't have anything unique like a ticket or reservation number so I assume they will be checking ID's at the door to see if they match up. That would make it quite difficult to transfer a reservation.

zhengst0905 | 2015年9月24日

Checked my email too late. Missed my chance. Sad!

Darryl | 2015年9月24日

Ross, I can't find the "self-identification thread".

Red Sage ca us | 2015年9月25日

Darryl: +1! Your Wife is an absolute KEEPER!


stevesasman | 2015年9月25日

I know it's a long shot since it's full, but if anyone needs a +1, I've driven my P85 over 26,000 miles (more than the circumference of the Earth) this summer on my "Million Dollar Tesla Trip" and will be in the Bay area the 29th. I'm currently at 186 SuperChargers too..

Oh and by the way, I may just stay in my "Tesla Hotel" (airbed in back) as I've done about 20 times on this 4 month road trip. It's been quite the journey meeting amazing people and would love to top it off by going to this event if possible..

Thanks!!! Steve

bblevis | 2015年9月25日

For any out of town invitee with a confirmation for his or her self and guest, I will offer a free guest bedroom and guest bathroom in my Fremont home for a night (5 miles from the Fremont factory) in return for being the invitee's guest. I am even willing to pick up invitee and transport in own Model S P85 at any local airport (e.g. SJC, OAK, or SFO) in exchange for the opportunity for me to be included as invitee's guest.

Farmer Dave | 2015年9月25日

Live Streaming

I spoke to my Delivery Specialist this evening, and he told me the roll out will be live streamed on

Since I had to RSVP my regrets I certainly plan to watch it on my 24" screen!

shibinjaco | 2015年9月25日

I might be interested in taking up the offer of Brent. Coming from Charlotte, NC to San Jose Airport. If it can work, shoot me an email at my screen-name at google email