Model X Reservation Tally

Model X Reservation Tally

This thread is intended to track Model X reservations.

If your reservation number is greater than the reservation number listed below, please post the 1) reservation number / date received 2) region and 3) type: Signature or General Production.

The Model S Reservation Tally can be found here:

Here is an updated collection of the numbers posted by members on various threads and forums (i.e., these numbers are to be taken with a grain of salt):

S 140 (June 20, 2012)
P 1,206 (July 10, 2012)

S 3 (February 23, 2012)
P 50 (May 9, 2012)

S 12 (March 19, 2012)
P 87 (July 16, 2012)

Gross Total: 1,498 - July 16, 2012

S = Signature Series (Model X)
P = General Production (Model X)

QAtesla | 2013年8月22日

Above should be US

AlMc | 2013年8月22日

5140-5196 in two days!

jjs | 2013年8月22日


AlMc | 2013年8月23日

S604-631 in 7 days. P5140-5196 in two days

tranhv68 | 2013年8月23日

#5053 :-)

rfvoigt | 2013年8月25日

In BC, Canada and have reservation number 216 on August 21, 2013 for Model X Performance ( not Signature.)

Paul Carter | 2013年8月26日

Congrats rfvoigt! I'm in Vancouver, BC. Model X, Signature #3

aija | 2013年8月27日

Sig Model X #649 in PA on 8/27
Grinning ear to ear!

alohamatt | 2013年8月28日

Model X (US) P#5346 on 8/27

Billjoiner | 2013年8月28日

Sig Model X #657 on 8/28


jlxjl | 2013年8月29日

#5399 at 8:40 pm, August 29, 2013.

Notre | 2013年8月31日

EU 595 01.09.2013

samdurnavich | 2013年9月1日

Got 5446 yesterday in Colorado for a model x

models60 | 2013年9月1日

#5479 on September 1st for Model X

danej | 2013年9月2日
danej | 2013年9月2日
sergiyz | 2013年9月7日

wow, over 5,500 for P and less than 700 for S still...
I wonder why

Triciawade123456 | 2013年9月7日

Prob because for the sig you have to put down 40k vs 5k for regular.

sergiyz | 2013年9月7日

Now thinking about that, I've put a deposit for a Sig S in December 2011 and got number ~860 (can't remember exactly anymore).
Got Sig X 699 yesterday, also about a year away from production, so it's inline with the Sig S if not faster...

PatT | 2013年9月8日

I would expect that Washington State reservists would want the earliest possible delivery considering that the EV sales tax exemption expires on July 1, 2015 effectively raising their cost by $9,000. The economics of that equation says that they may get a 25% return on their extra $35k investment!

jerrystesla | 2013年9月9日

Sept 5th 2013
Model X Reservation #5552

dondennis | 2013年9月9日

Sept. 7, 2013
Model X (P) sequence #5584

bexmix | 2013年9月9日

Model X reservation #5,635 on September 9.

AlMc | 2013年9月10日

5584 to 5635 in two days: impressive

JustinHardy | 2013年9月10日


nahtekha | 2013年9月11日

September 9, 2013

Harding | 2013年9月13日

Model X Europe P657

Notre | 2013年9月13日

Picking up in Europe. 5/day last two weeks.

nalang | 2013年9月14日

#5715, reserved today 09/14/2013 Brea CA

Drudesai | 2013年9月15日

5711--reserved 9/14/13

Wondering if I upgrade to Sig and change my mind once they start taking orders will it bump me up on the general prod queue? Ie...will the $40k buy me a front of line pass for gen prod X? I'm concerned abt the CA Clean Vehicle Rebate running out.

AlMc | 2013年9月15日

DRU; Yes it will. I had the PX 3000 (roughly), I upgraded to the Sig X about three weeks ago. I asked if I decided the SigX was too pricey, had some features that I did not want/need would I drop back to head of the line in the PX or to my original position....answer NO. So, I have both a SigX and PX reservation and will use the deposits on the vehicle I want without losing my place in the PX line.

AlMc | 2013年9月15日

Dru: Sorry: Just to clarify. If you upgrade by adding 35K to your original deposit you will lose your place in the PX line. If you want to keep your place in the PX line you need to put up 40K for the SigX AND not touch your PX deposit.

gismosys | 2013年9月15日

Model X (US) P#5742 on 9/15

Drudesai | 2013年9月15日

Thanks admjr! I guess I'll stick with my place in the PX line then :-)

ian | 2013年9月15日

@Drudesai - I wouldn't worry too much about those California rebates expiring...

Great to see nearly 30 reservations in the last day!


Mathewsa | 2013年9月15日

I think the numbers from Norway hasn't eached. I think we have reserved more that any nation outside the US although we are just 5 million in total population.

Benz | 2013年9月16日

That's correct, Norway is in love with the EV.

Fredlambert | 2013年9月16日

I’m new to this thread.

I’m trying to understand how to track the number of reservations. If I understand correctly, correct me if I’m wrong, the reservation number match the number of reservation by the country of origin? There are 2 sequences of numbers, one for the signature and one for the regular Model X?

We have rougly: 5800 regular reservations in the US, 700 signatures and in Europe, 550 regulars and 100 signatures.

Is my logic OK here?

AlMc | 2013年9月16日

Welcome to this thread Fred: Yes, logic is correct.

JHM | 2013年9月17日

Fred, what's more is that with a $5000 deposit per regular and $40000 per signature reservation the total deposit is nearly $64 million. This is effectively an interest free loan to Tesla that helps finance the R&D on the Model X. Not a bad liability to have on the books since most reservations will eventually convert into sales.

earlyretirement | 2013年9月21日

NEVER in my life did I ever think I'd reserve/order a car without test driving it! Well, I guess there is a first time for everything.

Just put down my deposit for the X. Reservation # 5,874.

Also, ordered my vanity plate. Someone beat me to MODEL X so I had to go with another option.

woohoo | 2013年9月21日

Put my deposit down today at 11:30 mountain time, Res# 5862.

Notre | 2013年9月23日

EU reservations for Model X Production rose from 595 Sept 1st to 711 Sept 21st. That is 40/week excluding any Signatures.

EdieMilo | 2013年9月23日

Happy Birthday to me!!

Just put in my reservation for Model X on my 45th birthday :-)

Res # 5908 for Chicago.

Can't believe I just put money down on a car I've never seen in person and won't even get to drive for over a year!!

Brian H | 2013年9月23日

No, it's not. 711-595=116. 116/4.3=27/wk.

AlMc | 2013年9月23日

Sept 1st to 21st is 3 weeks: 116cars/3 weeks=38.66 cars/week
for the period notre is discussing

thlygren | 2013年9月24日

Model X (EU), S#110 on 9/12

Brian H | 2013年9月24日

True. I used a full month instead of 3 wks. My bad.

blurry_eyed | 2013年9月24日

Changed my Model X reservation from U.S. P#37 to U.S. Signature # 761 today!

lars.thomsen | 2013年9月24日

EU Model X Signature #128 on Sept. 23, 2013