Model X Wheels

Model X Wheels

I'm a big fan of the style of the 19" standard wheel for the model S. I'd love a version in 20 or 21" for the X but if the model S reference applies to X, once you go to the larger size wheel, all the rims jump to a more conservative 10-spoke look; essentially losing that muscle sport appeal.

I think it would be great to have a mag available in 20/21" on the Model X. This will help the X keep a mean stance. It would be a bummer to pay for the signature series and how to 'downgrade' to a 19" wheel to get the more sporty look.

Other's agree? Would be curious if any Model S owners have experienced the difference in ride quality between 19, 20 and 21" wheels as well.


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ronmerkord | 2014年11月16日

For me, I am hoping that our SigX will actually be offered with the 19" wheels, but for a different reason. The range of the car is increased by about 20 miles for 19" versus 21" wheels, and for me it is range that is most important. 20 miles is a pretty significant difference in range. Toss in the factors of greatly increased cost for the 21", and a smoother ride for the 19" wheels, and I'd much prefer the 19" wheels. After all, the model X is really designed as a family car.

Sadly, I'm afraid that since the Signatures will all have the performance packages, they may not be available with the 19" wheels. Hopefully, this will be an option.

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Remnant | 2014年11月16日
Brian H | 2014年11月16日

Here's a 20" option:

Brian H | 2014年11月16日

Oops, wouldn't work as a thumb. Try again:

Red Sage ca us | 2014年11月17日

Designers seem to really like the 'wagon wheel' look on larger vehicles these days. Don't be surprised if the Model X accommodates up to 24" wheels on some trim levels.