Model X will NOT be a head turner like Model S!

Model X will NOT be a head turner like Model S!

The Model X is certainly not a sexy looking car.
It won't get the heads turning from passersby like the Model S does currently.
On the road it looks just like a regular car. Sorry.
Only the Falcon Wings doors, if open, will make people look and that will only be while it is parked and, secondly, only if Tesla brings out the Falcon Wing door feature.
Speculation has it that they are having real problems with the doors especially on steep slopes.
We will see. In the mean time, I am happy with my Model S.

vperl | 2015年3月29日

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raffael s. | 2015年3月29日

Yea the big car, with the gully wing doors will just blend in perfectly...

Roamer@AZ USA | 2015年3月29日

It's a transportation tool. The important aspect will be how the tool performs the required task. I see the X as more work horse than show horse. If it can do the job and look nice while doing it that's simply an added positive.

modelx2015 | 2015年3月29日

I think it looks great. Also for the unknown number of times. Musk said there is nothing wrong with the doors.

vandacca | 2015年3月29日

You have not seen the final production Model-X. You know not of what you speak.

Remnant | 2015年3月29日

It will probably look better than two years ago and better than the partially camouflaged version recently spotted "in the wild".

vandacca | 2015年3月29日

It would look significantly better than this concept rendering:

The front nose cone will likely be replaced by a more sophisticated, finished panel.

vandacca | 2015年3月29日

Sorry. Here is a more reasonable fit.

The front nose cone will likely be replaced by a more sophisticated, finished panel.

pvetesla | 2015年3月29日

Not sure about the nose cone. It's kind-of their "thing"

vandacca | 2015年3月29日

@pvetesla, the reason I think that there is a good chance that the nose cone is going away is because
(a) an anonymous poster indicated that the nose cone would be gone. He later posted some drawings on TMC which Tesla later had "pulled" due to copyright violations, lending credence to that posters claims.

(b) the mule spy shots have the nose wrapped up (and I suspect that whats under that wrap is what we will see in the production model) and pouring over the pixels, it would appear to be a completely different layout, specifically it appears to be missing the trim around that nose-cone

(c) but most importantly, its my least favourite feature and I desperately hope that they have fixed it in the production vehicle. :)

There is a whole discussion thread on TMC | 2015年3月29日

Guess what?

It will look different from its older sibling but it will grow on people.
Heads will spin in their bobbling sockets when the FW doors open and close.
Who says you can't drive with them open? You will just have to be careful not to take off. :-))
MS owners will develop a case of "X envy" when they find out all the advanced features added that they don't have. They will have to cling to their (slightly) greater range and (marginally) better 0-60 time while watching Bjørn Nyland videos hauling even more stuff all over Norway in his new Tesla crossover.

Brian H | 2015年3月29日

poring over the pixels

No liquids involved.

vandacca | 2015年3月30日

@Brian_H correction: "pouring over the pixels". Lots of liquids were involved. I have the empty wine bottles to prove it. ;)

Thanks for pointing that out.

Brian H | 2015年3月30日

Ruins the circuits.

jordanrichard | 2015年3月31日

I think it will turn heads. There is a clear Tesla/Model S "look" to the X and no other SUV on the road has the lines of the X.

The falcon doors will definitely grab people's attention.

Iowa92x | 2015年3月31日

No doy, fugly but practical.

GLO | 2015年3月31日

I love the X which is why I am buying one to go with our Model S. LOVE it...

carlk | 2015年3月31日

@GLO Same here.

ernie | 2015年4月1日

I am buying an X because my wife would NOT LET ME BUY THE P85D. However, I love the idea of the X and will be happy...when?

Brian H | 2015年4月1日


Tropopause | 2015年4月2日

Even the S prototype is different than the production Model S of today.

Brian H | 2015年4月4日

Dead link.

Svenssons | 2015年4月5日

What do you think about Model S prototype compared to current version?

I think the current version of Model S look much better than the prototype. To this date we have only seen prototype versions and not the finished version of Model X.