NAIAS 2011 - Model S

NAIAS 2011 - Model S


So the Model S aluminum alpha build is on display at NAIAS in motor city... which looks gorgeous compared to other EVs, superior build quality and news that Tesla now have 3,500+ Model S reservations (and 1,500 Roadsters sold).

Did anyone catch any other news from NAIAS that we didn't know before any revelations that I missed??? Also if you're on the floor over next several days and have pictures to share with us please post 'em here.


ckessel | 2011年1月11日

Not really. Fun to see the skeleton though. The most disappointing thing for me is the original initial delivery date of late 2011 is now 2nd quarter of 2012. I think it's been that way for a while, but this seems to confirm it. 18 months is forever and a day away :(.

asblik | 2011年1月11日

Right... I noticed that about a year ago... went from late 2011 to mid 2012. Ur right additional 6 months could feel like a lifetime.

Hey, at least it's not Coda (Miles) that originally promised their XS500 late 2008... now we're likely not going to see it in 2011 :D

Just for interest sake I'm wondering if any of the 3,500 reservations are speculative, folks trying to swing their Model S for a profit once they take delivery?

Volker.Berlin | 2011年1月12日

@h8tow8: I thought it might be a good speculative investment at first, but Tesla had the same idea and therefore offers the "Signature" edition. I.e., people with too much money who cannot wait and for whom owning one of the very first units is an end in itself can always skip the queue for some extra cash and get one of the first 1000 units that are going to be built (probably separate queues for US and EU), directly from Tesla. Thus, I am afraid, Tesla is short-circuitting the speculative market (smart move), and I decided to reserve only one unit for my personal needs.

asblik | 2011年1月12日

@Volker You're right... but I'm still thinking if the Model S is everything it made out to be (and I think it will be) aaaand the price is really set at $57,500 then even if you're in 1,001 - 2000 line you might very likely still sell it at a premium.

I remember when new Nissan GT-R hit the US Shores in summer of 2008 they were suppose to retail for $69K and dealers only received 1 unit and were selling them for $85-$90K no problem during first 3 months.

I'm not saying same premium will apply to Model S but it will be the only luxury pure electric available in 2012...

ckessel | 2011年1月12日

@Volker: I'm not sure the Signature costs more (beyond the fact it probably comes with most optional stuff). I think it's just a matter of people putting the money in up front with the large deposit. If I had the cash, I'd do it myself since A) I'm getting the car regardless, B) it's completely refundable if I don't get it for some reason.

I just don't have 40k laying around :)

ChristianG | 2011年1月12日

I don't think the signature cars will take that much time, there will be a maximum of 2000 signature cars, they wanted to produce 20'000 vehicles a year, wich makes 75 cars a day if you count int the week ends. Wich pretty up ends up taking one month to produce. Taking a slower start in production I'd guess at latest 2 month after the start of production the normal series start to roll out.

If take into account that 'only' 3000 cars in the whole were reserved at the end of 2010, you can still hope there will not be 2000 signature cars in front of you. The other question is how they split it up between the defferent regions...

source for the reservations from an older post in the general forum:

asblik | 2011年1月12日

@ckessel It's not 100% refundable, if TSLA goes bankrupt, Elon ends up under bus you might not get you're $5K back, very unlikely of course.

ckessel | 2011年1月12日

It's 100% refundable. It's not 100% safe.

BYT | 2011年1月12日

Battery will charge to 80% on the first 30 minutes:

Mehdi | 2011年1月12日

It's great to see the exploded view pictures, I wish they had the display at the Seattle Auto show back in November, they didn't.

And as for the 3500 reservations I'm sure a minority would want it for monetary gains. But as for me and most I think we'll be enjoying the heck out of our Model S' as a daily commuter and grinning passed the $5/gal gas stations in 2012. Now that will be "Priceless."

BYT | 2011年1月12日

Gas is poised to hit $4 again this year, if that happens this summer compounded by a drivable Model S prototype... let's just say I am waiting for TSLA to hit a little lower price point to buy into it again. I already made some change on the IPO.

asblik | 2011年1月12日

@ckessel Again it's not 100% refundable, even Elon himself mentioned that. I agree it's extremely unlikely but it's the reality of situation.


Elon talking about the $5,000 reservation: “It’s safe but there is a tiny bit of risk, if Tesla goes out of business and I (Elon) loose all of my assets and don’t die and rest of my life cannot rebuilt my assets, people would lose their money.”

ChristianG | 2011年1月13日

So it's 100% refundable but if something happens to the company you don't get it back. It's like that with everything. Stocks, Loans, contracts... whatever. If the institution or guy you made a contract with isn't there anymore noone noone will do the work/pay back the money.

until death do us part ^^

ckessel | 2011年1月13日

Sigh, I suppose it depends on what you mean by "refundable". It's 100% refundable in the sense there are no conditions attached. You can back out at any time for any reason. There's no penalty for doing so. You get 100% of the money back.

It's not 100% safe since, as noted, you might not get all of the money back if the company doesn't have it. That's a different thing.

In a FDIC insured bank, your money is both 100% refundable and 100% safe (well, up to the FDIC insured amount). In Tesla, it's 100% refundable, but not 100% safe.

asblik | 2011年1月13日

I agree ckessel, you can back out any time... if TSLA backs out first (Chapter 7) you're obviously in trouble :) It's extremely unlikely though, Elon certain have many other assets in the form of Space X and Solar City stock among others and he'll likely rise again if he goes down.

I'm a day trader and have been in finance for many years, I just want folks to know that there is a tiny bit of risk involved that's all and the competition is slowly heating up although I think the electric market is big enough for the foreseeable future, I'm actually looking into Lithium ETF play (LIT) seeing so many OEMs are moving in this direction, check out

Back to original post... if anyone picks up company news at TSLA booth this week in Detroit let us know please.


mcornwell | 2011年1月13日

Thanks @h8tow8, I hadn't seen that interview before, great watching, even if it is a few years old...