New options that are currently on Fords

New options that are currently on Fords

I am a model s reservation holder. One thing I would like to mention is I really like the new options on Fords such as "Blind spot notification" and "Lane deviating" - not sure these are their technical names but you know what I mean. I would love to see these on the Model s. These items I believe will entice safety minded customers and feel if a Ford Taurus would have these features the model s should also. Bottom line is I am safety minded and would like these features. I currently have a BMW 545i. It is a great car (believe model s will be waaaay better - certainly cheaper to operate) but one thing has always bothered me about it. It does not show the direction you are heading in the rear-view mirror. It agrevates me that a $60,000.00 car does not have the direction in the mirror. Yes, I know I could get it changed out but thats not the point. At that price it should be included. Do not want to be driving the model s thinking Hmmm, I really would like those newer features! If Tesla added this technology to their model s, no one and I mean no one would be able to hold a candle to their model s. Without the technology, I may have a Ford Taurus owner bragging about the new technologies his car has that the Tesla model s does not. Lets not let anyone have a bell or whistle to hold over us! Just a suggestion Tesla. Not that you don't have your hands full already!!!! Not only does Tesla have to create this new car - model s - but also have to do it with new technologies coming out from other dealers at the same time. My point is the new technologies may really save lives and I feel the model s should offer the best safety. I know Tesla is skilled enough to pull this off. By the way, purchased the stock yesterday and will buy more on dips.

Brian H | 2011年2月23日

Nah, safety features are very dangerous! Gives drivers both a false sense of security, and something to push to the limits to keep driving exciting. With nasty results, especially for other drivers.

All automated safety features should be outlawed!

Kallisman | 2011年2月26日

Well, some ppl drive like idiots in unsafe cars too. Not sure automated safety features can make them drive worse.

Brian H | 2011年2月26日

Never underestimate the power of human stupidity! Hear about the woman who successfully sued Winnebago because when she brought it up to seventy on the freeway, set the cruise control, and went into the back to make a coffee and sandwich it ran off the highway and rolled? She got big bucks plus medical expenses.

True story. There's now a bolded section of the owner's manual warning not to leave the wheel while using cruise control.

Remember the original Murphy's Law:
"Nothing can be made fool-proof, because fools are so ingenious!"

Brian H | 2011年2月26日

P.S. Skipped a bit of info above: she'd just bought it off the lot and had it out for its first drive.

Timo | 2011年2月26日

Wouldn't it be easier to just say that "not using your brain is denied".

I find it funny what that stupidity of people can achieve using your legal systems, for example there is now warning in all fast food restaurant coffee-cups that contents are hot. Coffee is supposed to be hot, duh. I suppose nobody has thought about suing someone because their coffee didn't taste like hot chocolate?

In here suing someone because you were stupid wouldn't work, you at most would end up in some news as funny section for how stupid people can be.

the bonnie | 2011年2月26日

One of these days I'll give up chiming in regarding the woman who sued because her coffee was too hot. But not quite yet :)

On the surface, that looked like a totally ridiculous lawsuit. But the facts were different. That particular McDonald's had been warned numerous times that the coffee was at a temperature that would scald. They failed to reduce the temp to what coffee is normally served at because if they had a lot of coffees to serve, they could pour more, and it would stay hot for a longer time.

The woman who sued had the coffee spill on her lap and suffered third degree burns requiring skin grafts. I saw the pics.

If the restaurant had not been warned repeatedly, I'd buy that it was an accident. But they knowingly kept their coffee at a scalding temperature and as a result, a person was severely harmed.

So yes, now a lot of restaurants warn that coffee is hot. It's not because people are stupid - of course they know it is hot. It's because the restaurant is trying to limit liability.

the bonnie | 2011年2月26日

And c'mon! ... the cruise control story is fake. There have been versions of this story circulating since the 70s. I'm going to assume you were trying to punk us all and don't believe it, either. is always a good place to check for urban legends ...

Zorba | 2011年2月27日

Volvo has amazing safety features and should be at least considered in the Model S. Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning and of course Pedestrian detection with automatic brake should be standard on the Model S, especially considering the low level of noise an electric car makes.

It may sound stupid, but these things could safe your or other people's lives, or at least do less damage. A no-brainer, without any doubt!

Dan5 | 2011年2月27日

My belief is that certain safety features are "nice to haves" or "fluff". I think most of the features on certain ICE cars are a way to differentiate themselves from competitors or offer "option confusion" so the consumer can not make a good comparison.
The problem with these extra safety features is that during the development of the car resources are diverted from critical areas (engine, drive train, components, etc and the reliability of the car invariably suffers or the cost of the car is increased).
Maybe to put in that safety feature, they may go with cheaper materials of constructions, choose a vendor whose part reliability is 5 years, instead of 10 to save a $1. Maybe even knock down the warranty.
The whole point of a car is to get your from Point A to Point B and back on a reliable, cost effective basis and I think that should be the main focus of Tesla. I think other car companies have not made that a priority and I think Tesla could and should exploit that.
I think blind spot notification and lane deviation notification should ONLY be on cars in which the manufacturer has all of their case going over 200,000 miles.
While your are speaking about FORD, yes, that person may have all those bells and whistles, but when they are broken down on the road and you drive past them with your Model S, you'll have the last laugh. Heck, in 2009, in FORD's new cars they had 1228 things gone wrong per 1000 cars, and they are PROUD of that score. To me, that's more things wrong than cars they sold- That's unacceptable. My guess is Tesla's score will be somewhere around 20 or lower per 1000 when the Model S starts selling

Here's the ford artcile

gagliardilou | 2011年3月1日

I agree with Dan5. I would definitely prefer these items but am not willing to wait to get them. Tesla may add them at some time but lets just get the car done right and in production. I do think sometimes - just to make the deadline will things get rushed? But in reality, I know Tesla is smarter than that.

jkirkebo | 2011年3月5日

I hope they implement the adaptive cruise control differently than Mercedes at least! When the feature was new a magazine testet a Mercedes with it. It worked fine, but the car could not be more than 2 seconds(!) behind the lead car. That is a pretty stupid (and unsafe) implementation as you are supposed (at least over here) to keep at least 3 seconds behind the vehicle in front of you. This was impossible with the adaptive cruise control activated...

I usually keep about 4 seconds back, hopefully Teslas implementation will work fine with that distance.

Gary Brown | 2013年7月20日

I agree completely about the need for cutting edge safety features. All new electronic innovations were disparaged--until they become essential. Things like navigation systems, rear view cameras, cruise control, air bags, satellite radio, automatic transmissions, electric and windows and door locks, and on and on. I can get from point A to be about as well in a 1950s car as a 20113. What makes today's cars better are the safety, convenience, comfort, and economy. At $85K+, Tesla is not competing on economy, so it better excel on the three other things. The one thing not mentioned was electronic lparking assist, front and back. If you live in an urban area like the bay area where Tesla's are made, you often have about 3 feet of space in which to maneuver your car into a parking slot. The Tesla S is a rather long car, and I would hate to park one on a regular basis in San Francisco without parking assist.

Brian H | 2013年7月20日

TM is competing on electric power and silence. So far, no problem.