In NJ and a little worried about picking my car up on Friday

In NJ and a little worried about picking my car up on Friday

Hello Everyone. I have been a member of the forums for about 4 months now. I reserved my MS about a month before the price increases but deferred delivery until my lease is up. So after all this time and waiting yesterday I hear the news about NJ, Christie, etc. Tomorrow I return my leased car and Friday I pick up my Tesla. My question is will service become an issue for me now? Will Tesla be required to close their service center or will they close it because they won't move as many cars as they planned because of this new handicap.

In 2005 I bought a Lotus Elise from a dealer 10 minutes from my house. The dealer closed in less than a year and I was forced to service the car over an hour away. I can't do that again with my daily driver. Any ideas what Tesla will do? I called the service center but it appears the standard "tow the company line" answers were given.

Thanks for all the info all of you contribute to the board and thank you in advance for your insight.


jp158 | 2014年3月13日

Not to worry you are just a short hop to service centers in NY... and besides You'll only visit them once a year for service.... The car is just super. Just can't understand NJ thinking!


DaphneGreen | 2014年3月13日

Chris, there is nothing in the law that says Tesla can't have repair centers in NJ. I'm seeing more and more Tesla here in NJ and if Tesla is stopped from selling here, I'm sure they'll buy their car in another state or over the internet. As long as there are Tesla's in NJ, there will be service centers. Tesla is very consumer oriented and they certainly don't want to punish Tesla owners.

podoffice | 2014年3月13日

I live 145+ miles from nearest service center. I have had no problems with service. They come to me. They leave a loaner if they have to take the car back to service center. I wouldn't worry about it.

williamweiss21 | 2014年3月13日

I just had my S serviced (they valeted it on a trailer) in Springfield and the Tech said there is such (sales) volume that Cherry Hill and Paramus were candidates for new centers soon - especially when the Model X comes out...

williamweiss21 | 2014年3月13日

Don't worry about it...

ChrisCo | 2014年3月13日

Thanks you all for your comments. I spoke to my service center and they assured me that things only change on the sales side. Today I feel better and now I will try and get some sleep tonight so I can pick up my car tomorrow at noon.


chenglo1 | 2014年3月13日

Congrats Chris. Sounds like you will be well taken care of.

ramtaz | 2014年3月13日


Brian H | 2014年3月13日

If NADA had its druthers, it would be illegal to own or operate a car not sold to you by one of its members.

hitesh2269 | 2014年3月20日

good luck and enjoy this new innovation of Elon Musk.Very soon im going to order my MODEL X and I live in Virginia and I have the same problem like you. My state does not allow tesla to sale its product.But who cares I belive in going green.And just a small thought I hope in future Tesla will make lawn mover because I have very big yard in front and back of my house. By using tesla grass lawn mover maybe I can use same charger to charge my mover.

Car t man | 2014年3月21日

Well, this is what the dealers want you to feel like. induced anxiety. Buy the car. Tesla will always find away around attempts like these. Right now it is about principle, but if it really had to and has to, it will find a way to fix you up. Think of it as virus writers always being a step ahead of the anti virus writers. Tesla being the virus here..