"Only middle aged men drive a Tesla"

"Only middle aged men drive a Tesla"

That's what my mom told us, and why she said I should get a VW instead. I disagreed, and said that it's a car for younger people too.

But it stuck in my head, since Mercedes has this reputation in China now. For some reason other brands don't, BMW is for all ages in China, Audi is for all ages and rich people since the government drives Audis.

And she didn't just say "middle ages"....she said "middle aged MEN"

Does a Tesla tailore way more to men than women? What about her comment, does Tesla already have a reputation like mercedes does in China?

portia | 2015年6月8日

@rayaiden17, you might like to know that my dad is also 93 and has been driving a Tesla for more than 2 years!
I am also not a middle aged man!
the latest person we know who bought a Tesla is only in his 30's.

ChrisH314 | 2015年6月8日

To quote Frank Muir, "Now that I am 64, and just starting to approach the first gentle slopes of the foothills of early middle age ..."

AoneOne | 2015年6月8日

Some data:

At 51.1 years, the average Tesla buyer is younger than the average buyer of most other luxury cars, and is in the middle of the average of non-luxury brands.

So, Tesla buyers aren't old when compared to other new-car buyers.

Mathew98 | 2015年6月8日

Who gives a fart what middle age is? @renwo can go commando and show his pruned physique at will.

I still get carded for buying lottery tickets from twenty something clerks.

The typical MS buyer is not 75 YO retiree paying cash.

There was a poll some time ago with several hundred participants and the median age of the MS is in the mid 40's. 30's to 50's represent about two third of MS owners in the survey.

I've seen young women and old geezers behind the MS too. There are self reported teenage owners too. The MS appeals to all demographics.

cerjor | 2015年6月8日

I'm 76 and hope I'm middle aged.

Mark K | 2015年6月9日

Our 18 year old daughter loves to drive each of our two Teslas, and considers them very cool.

Young folks dream of owning them, and established folks have the means.

LostInPA | 2015年6月9日

Model S Buyer Profile - from CNBC
Male: 83.9%
Female: 16.1%
Income under $50,000: 5.7%
Income $50,000-$99,999: 17.2%
Income over $100,000: 77.3%
18-44 yrs. Old: 33.2%
45-64 yrs. old: 50.6%
65+ yrs. old: 16.2%

66.8% MS are owned by people over 45 years plus.

renwo S alset | 2015年6月9日

Mat. Commando??? Hell, I was streaking the joint, or as my geezer group would call it, "trolling".

LostInPA | 2015年6月9日

At 18... any car that runs, that somebody else pays the insurance, and somebody else fills the tank is cool.

Brian H | 2015年6月10日

Twain: When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much he had learned in 7 years.

What's more amazing is that his father died when he was 11.

Nantang | 2015年6月10日

By age demographics, there aren't many people in their 20s or 30s who can afford cars at this price point. I'm sure there are plenty who would love to drive a Tesla. But, five years ago, this car would have been out of my range.

As for gender, it's a bit of a hasty assumption. But, my wife does prefer vehicles that sit up higher, so the Model X might be more her thing. I prefer the lower sports car stance of the Model S. So, the two of us can't really be used as examples to disprove the cliche assumption that guys like sports cars but women like SUVs. I suspect that this can be disproved if you get a larger sampling pool, though, than two people.

lolachampcar | 2015年6月10日

I say we fix the pay gap and get more ladies in Model S!

Grinnin'.VA | 2015年6月10日

@ sbeggs | June 8, 2015


What statistics are you aware of that the typical Model S buyer bought theirs for cash?

I am guessing it is not over 50%.

AFAIK, you may well be right. I just don't know.
I count myself as fortunate to still be healthy and being able to buy my 85D for cash and drive this exceptional car.

AoneOne | 2015年6月10日

@LostInPA: Thanks for the info. For those who want the context, here's the link:


"It is skewing a little younger than the typical $100,000 car buyer," said James Riswick with "To tell you the truth it doesn't really surprise me."

Also from that article:

Model S: 83.9% male buyers
Chevy Volt: 75.9%
Nissan Leaf: 71.2%

and, not surprisingly, Model S buyers tend to be older and have higher incomes than Volt or Leaf buyers.