"Only middle aged men drive a Tesla"

"Only middle aged men drive a Tesla"

That's what my mom told us, and why she said I should get a VW instead. I disagreed, and said that it's a car for younger people too.

But it stuck in my head, since Mercedes has this reputation in China now. For some reason other brands don't, BMW is for all ages in China, Audi is for all ages and rich people since the government drives Audis.

And she didn't just say "middle ages"....she said "middle aged MEN"

Does a Tesla tailore way more to men than women? What about her comment, does Tesla already have a reputation like mercedes does in China?

hcwhy | 2014年8月29日

Wow...I just lost a few years.

Thomas N. | 2014年8月29日

Hah! My wife claims that 90% of the Teslas she sees in Orange County, CA are driven by women. In fact when I drive it she says "are you taking the girl's car?"

johncrab | 2014年8月29日

This is partially true owing only to economics. Very few 20-somethings have 100k to put into a car. That tends to come with age, skill, experience and some treachery along the way. BMW makes a full range from the covered skateboard 1-series to the 8-series, so a fair comparison to MS would be the 7/8-series which, yep, are owned by those who have reached that point in their economic lives. Around Scottsdale, I see more women than men in Teslas. Income has more to do with it than age. One simply follows the other. When the Model 3 comes out, all of this will change as Tesla opens up to a whole new market segment.

karmamule | 2014年8月29日

According to Elon Musk:

"We have significant female support. A lot of women buy the Model S, and a lot of women will buy the Model X."

Excerpted from this article here:

anodyne | 2014年8月29日

36 is not middle aged.

Kpg81 | 2014年8月29日

My 28 year old gorgeous wife will be driving hers in Orange County, CA ... tell your Mom to buy a VW Jetta and stop hating on Tesla's lol

hcwhy | 2014年8月29日

According to this survey...done in Dec of 2013...Tesla is the tenth most "male" car out there with 83% male ownership. Lamborghini is first with 93%.

Chuck Lusin | 2014年8月29日
Haggy | 2014年8月29日

Tesla has binders full of women drivers.

karmamule | 2014年8月29日

@Haggy, X-D

hcwhy | 2014年8月29日

@ Chuck Lusin
If the survey is correct, which is always a big if these days, there would be 6800 female Tesla owners out there only using MS sales of 40,000. Not a small number by any means.

carlk | 2014年8月29日

My understanding is Model S is the hottest car in China, much more so than those other cars you mentioned. In the US it is also more awared and desired among younger generations, and especially teen agers, than older folks. The only thing is most of the young people don't have the financial means to own one.

Captain_Zap | 2014年8月29日


Some never learn from other's mistakes. ;-)

bobrobert | 2014年8月29日

Even before I reached middle age Mom stopped giving me advice. Hope that doesn't mean she gave up on me.

EESROCK | 2014年8月29日

@fruity, you had me scared, but luckily I checked and can still claim to be female :)

I happen to own both a Model S and VW beetle, but I drive the Model S almost exclusively. It's so much more fun to drive. Even when I'm stuck in traffic, I can still enjoy the comfort and quietness of the car as well as listen to any song I want on Slacker radio. Everyone stuck in traffic around me can just enjoy getting a better look at my fine Model S :)

The VW is my sacrificial lamb. I drive it to places if I know the parking is limited and I don't want the Model S to risk getting door dinged.

jjs | 2014年8月29日

@Haggy Funny! :)

Fluvio | 2014年8月29日

Car stereotypes are weird.

My girlfriend drives an MS 60. She's around 63. Her decision to own one had nothing to do with age/gender perceptions. She has $$ and is a strong proponent of electric power. Her home stands out in the neighborhood because of the beaucoup solar panels. I would tend to support the middle-age stereotype simply because nobody I know under the age of 50 has nearly enough money to own one.

I started driving Subaru's over 20 years ago when I lived in Montana. In the ski towns scattered across the Rockies and PNW, they tend to have a cult following and are perceived by many as a symbol of youth who are into outdoor adventure. They served me well to haul bikes to races, skis to remote backcountry areas, and loads of lumber back from Home Depot. Conversely, a friend in San Francisco calls them Lezbaru's, because he, for some odd reason, thinks they are driven primarily by old ladies and lesbians. He suggested that I ditch my Outback because it was hurting my image.

When I bought a used BMW M3 when I was 38 well over a decade ago, some said I was having an early mid-life crisis. Perhaps that was true.

I used to have an opinion about pickup drivers. Now I drive two Tacoma's and love them for their extreme reliability, utility, and ability to take me wherever I need to go, at any time. The perception by some might be that pickups are for rednecks. I try really hard to not be a redneck!

AmpedRealtor | 2014年8月29日

I'm approaching middle age. I drive a Tesla. Crap!

Captain_Zap | 2014年8月29日

I think my taste in cars was strongly influenced by the fact that the only periodicals at the house when I was a kid were "Road & Track" and "Consumer Reports".

Every other gal I knew had an image of the Marlboro man on their wall. I had a my dream car, the Jag XJS and a Pantera on my wall. (The Pantera was my practical used car choice because of the 351 Cleveland.) I never got the Pantera.

I think my Jag held up better than their Marlboro men. | 2014年8月29日

I turned 57 today.
& I drive a Tesla.

Can I accuse your Mom of profiling me? :o)

hcwhy | 2014年8月29日

Happy Birthday!

JMAC7 | 2014年8月29日

at the get together i attended
i would guess average age at 54-57
90% men drivers

clindon | 2014年8月29日

humm.... Too bad the corollary that all middle-aged men drive a Tesla is not true. :-(

PhillyGal | 2014年8月29日

Haggy wins this one!

It's just that the majority of the folks who can afford this car are middle aged men. I've never seen a female driver on the road, or a man under 40. I'm on the East Coast though, where the MS sighting is still quite rare.

Also of note - this is a sedan. I think sedans in general favor men more so than women.

PV_Dave @US-PA | 2014年8月29日

My wife and I share our Tesla. I'll take the fifth on the middle aged part, but she's certainly not a man.

jordanrichard | 2014年8月29日

"only middle aged men....." hmmm

Well I can tell that your mother should have been at the E. Greenwich RI today, because a S60 pulled in to charge as I was leaving. She was clearly not middle aged or a man. Of course I don't know what the "offical" definition is of middle age.

hcwhy | 2014年8月29日

For me it's 0-30 young 30-60 middle age 60-90 senior

over 90 lucky

Bighorn | 2014年8月29日

I have a lot of 90+ yo patients--very few would I consider lucky.

hcwhy | 2014年8月29日

You've got a good point....however, both my paternal grandmother and father lived to 92 93 and were in good shape almost to the end...I hope I can be as lucky.

Captain_Zap | 2014年8月29日

When my spouse turned 35 he seemed a bit alarmed and said, "I'm half way to 40!".

I said, "Think about that a bit..." I think I ruined his birthday.

TESLA168 | 2014年8月29日

Thank you, I feel a few years younger now!

P85D | 2014年8月29日


Captain_Zap | 2014年8月29日


That made me think of a classic movie I saw for the first time recently called "Harold and Maude". I remember hearing about it when I was young, but I never saw it.

Yet, Grandpa was as sharp as a tack, managed his portfolio, drove like a youngster and lived alone until his expiration date came along at 98. All of his siblings were like that too. They were learning to use computers in their 90's and e-mailing each other regularly. I attribute it to their steady diet of salmon, oysters and beer.

hcwhy | 2014年8月29日


Do you think a Model S would make a good hearse? | 2014年8月29日


Bighorn | 2014年8月29日

Good you didn't see it in college or you might have been driving a V12 hearse instead:) I could be happy with salmon, oysters and beer for quite awhile, I think. I remember a candid conversation I had with a 95 yo fellow who said if he had his way, he'd have checked out at 85. I think our generation's 85 will seem a bit different than the current crop, though. If you look at photos of 50 year olds from the 1960s and 70s, they look much older than their contemporary cohort. Another 94 yo guy who was losing his sight to cataracts and macular degeneration had me take out his cataracts--when he realized he still couldn't see as much as he'd hoped, he shot himself. I think suicide would be more common if people didn't feel bound by religion not to choose their fate. Sorry for the morose digression!

At least in the mountain west, the preponderance of owners is male and flirting with retirement.

PhillyGuy | 2014年8月29日

I am very much looking forward to being an owner of a MS; preferably while still in my 20s! Cross your fingers for an early delivery in mid October.

Tesltoronto | 2014年8月29日

Aren't youngsters supposed to be tech savvy? Isn't it true that Tesla owners are tech savvy?

Using this logic aren't we all young?

Did the OPs mom also say "Handsome middle aged men"? LOL

Captain_Zap | 2014年8月29日

Middle aged is a state of mind?

Captain_Zap | 2014年8月29日


Sorry to hear about the loss of your patient.

I used to wonder about earlier generations and how they seemed to age more rapidly. Then I recall how they would wash creosote off their skin with gasoline. They sprayed fields with herbicides and crops with pesticides without protection. There never was a second thought about it. They usually smoked too. The old farmers and industrial workers seemed to go faster than the old fishermen. But, there were lots of fishermen that never came home when they were young. I never lived in the land of coal, but I hear it took a toll on the young and old.

Thank goodness for modern safety equipment.

Sully | 2014年8月29日

Moro 3 demographics will be so very different. Projecting the brand based on the $100k S misses the buzz and halo created in advance of the mass market car!

porktornado | 2014年8月29日

The MS is supernatural. It's appeal draws from places untapped and unexplored by current legacy-mobiles like BMW, Mercedes, Audi. Each year of release with the aforementioned brings minor changes, minor appeal, and ever-increasing nebulous marketing tactics. 'Skyactive,' 'MySync,' 'iForce,' 'MBrace,' all confuse and narrow the marketplace. I believe the MS pressed the reset button on all of that and made the most logical, practical, and sleeper sedan the world as seen. Price tag aside this car simply is the future. It challenges the cliche (and wins!).

I'm 32 and after owning over a dozen vehicles and a few bikes I bought the MS under completely different consideration criteria than all the rest. This car brings more to the table than HP, reliability, economy, sex appeal, quality, or support. It's the first vehicle and manufacturer to enter the market complete with quality, community, and a true ecosystem to support a future beyond petrol. So for me the decision was far beyond numbers and specs. The decision was made with the future and my children in mind.

One forum member hit home with me when they wrote "I want my children to never have to experience a gas station." This car, for me, is the conduit for a shift in personal transportation, energy, and a better life for my family. And world.

So this is a long winded way of saying that age doesn't apply in the profiling of a MS and just as gender or religion or creed or sexual orientation don't either. This car, and Tesla Motors, is about taking a much-needed step forward.

sunnysailor | 2014年8月29日


Just met the owner of the 4th tesla that recently showed up at work. All 4 are owned by women in their 30s and 40s. This is at a conservative pharma company in a midwestern city. I know of a number of other women and men tesla owners outside of work. I would not call the car a middle aged man's car at all. It is for the young and the young at heart (no matter how old you are)

Captain_Zap | 2014年8月29日

I see other ladies of all ages driving Teslas in this area just about every day. I wonder if Edmunds' data is skewed by car registration records.

JohhnyS | 2014年8月29日

I represent that remark. But hey I am a fun and interesting gray haired middle aged man since I drive a Tesla.

David Trushin | 2014年8月29日

If you object to being stereotyped then you better move to Mars with Elon because on Earth you will be stereotyped in some way. Oh but wait... Mars settlers are all middle-aged brilliant entrepeneurs.

Red Sage ca us | 2014年8月29日

I'm a Tall Hobbit...

I don't expect to reach 'middle age' until I'm 75.

What can I say? People are telling me that 40 is 'the NEW 25'...

Of course, they look so much older than I do, that 40 must have been 'the NEW 17' for me.

Tesltoronto | 2014年8月30日

Of the six Teslas that I have seen on the roads so far, three were being driven by women.

All the guys nod or wave when they see other Teslas. The women I saw did not want to do either - though I tried to wave. Is that normal? Or is it because I am too young????

Ryan D. | 2014年8月30日

32 here, not middle aged yet!

Enza918 | 2014年8月30日

i think she's pretty much right