Opening in CT and CT Sales Tax

Opening in CT and CT Sales Tax

Ok just heard the news about the east coast flagship store. It will be opened in Milford, CT in the first week of October.

This also means that Tesla will have their Connecticut dealership license. This is super news for us folks in CT as it will allow us to effect trade-ins, and when you're doing trade-ins, this will waive the state sales tax.

Sgt Barone | 2013年9月15日

Can you provide any article or evidence for the CT store?

rankar | 2013年10月3日

Yes. It's now listed on the site (also notice that the Wilton site has been removed, since they were not able to secure a deal with the property owner).

It now looks like next week that they'll open the Milford site (or even possibly tomorrow, Friday night/Saturday)