Pa superchargers needed

Pa superchargers needed

Dowington interchange of Pa pike, Allentown, Harrisburg, King of Prussia, State College, Hazelton, Scranton, York. Please Tesla lets get some Superchargers up and running. Pa turnpike rest stops would be great,always plenty of parking. Work with these guys and get something done. Rt 80 for Northern part of the state. Supercharger outside of Baltimore would also be big help. I know they say they are coming please let's hear something. Anyone know anything?

Captain_Zap | 2015年1月23日

We usually go to the particular governing agency and look for electrical permits. That is how we get our info.

mikepisko | 2015年1月23日

Thanks Captain! Why does it seem so difficult in Pa. Pa approved tesla to open more stores or service centers you would think we would be able to get permits moving.

PhillyGal | 2015年1月23日

I was just at the Neshaminy Mall and as always, the hubs and I discussed how amazingly perfect a location it would be. It's near the meeting of Route 1 and the PA Turnpike (east/west) and also close to I-95. It's just outside of Philadelphia proper and there is a ton of space, plus a movie theater and lots to do while charging. You could be going East to NJ and stop there easily as well.

We decided we would attempt to contact the mall and give them the idea.

But really, that's mostly selfishness. Allentown or Hazelton is probably much more important.

Bob.Calvo | 2015年1月24日


Please refer to this thread that I started for a Jersey Shore Supercharger:

At the time, I was unaware of the process to request certain locations. That information was provided by a forum contributor. With the revised website, the link to providing Tesla with suggested locations is more noticeable now. The other reason to check the link above is that I put the entire information that I gathered and submitted to Tesla to justify the placement of a Supercharger in that thread.

I can't say whether my submittal changed Tesla's plans or not but what I can say is that a Jersey Shore Supercharger was not on their radar for 2015 when I submitted this information, but now it is! You may have similar success if you can justify a key crossroad and justify it as a unifying link in the chain to the other Superchargers and increased access to the surrounding area for a large number of potential buyers.

Good Luck.

cchouston | 2015年1月24日

Agreed. I live in Carlisle and to take day trips to Philadelphia and Baltimore is challenging, especially in winter. I would also add Lewisburg/Milton (intersection of Rt. 15 and I-80) for those of us take 15 North to New York.

cchouston | 2015年1月24日

" taking 15 North..."

tes-s | 2015年1月24日

There is a HPWC in Lewisburg. Not a supercharger, but...

Mel. | 2015年1月24日


How many more stores and service center is Pennsylvania allowing?.
Is that enough?

Plugged In | 2015年1月25日


Most of PA and most of upstate NY continues to be a desert as far as superchargers come and go. Something happened at Lehigh Valley Mall -- seems the power company couldn't or wouldn't do the work required to provide electricity to the supercharger.

Just guessing, but the PA Turnpike commission is not so keen on Tesla having superchargers there, much as is the case in NJ. But there are so many obvious places that would work just fine in PA. Examples:

Carlisle, on US 11 near 81 and Turnpike.
Breezewood, on US 30 in or very near the gap between I-70 and the turnpike entrance.
Fredericksburg, near the first exit of I-78 east of 81. It's close to Hershey.
Frackville - a perfect name of a town, also not far from Centralia which is a good opportunity to teach any teenager a lesson or two about the environment.
Hazleton, near 80-81.
Bartonsville, near 80 and route 33.
Bellefonte, near State College.

Thanks for listening!

PhillyGal | 2015年2月4日

More "sigh..."
We had to borrow an ICE this weekend to get to a ski resort while we left the Tesla plugged in, otherwise we wouldn't have made it home.

Allentown, puh-lease!

PV_Dave @US-PA | 2015年2月5日

Harrisburg. Allentown. Scranton.

NYC -> Pittsburg through DE/MD was OK at the opening of the coast-to-coast connection. It's not a good way to show people that the Model S is a practical vehicle. Please get the nice red dots which were previously on the 2014 map rolling!

syd | 2015年7月13日

If your heading north through the east central part of the state, towards albany, etc. there is nothing. Can't agree more we need Allentown and Scranton at least.

One has to go east past NYC to go west again across NY State.

And Also agree that something near Hershey or Harrisburg would really help going east west.

PhillyGal | 2015年7月13日

I actually reached out to the supercharger team 2 days ago to reiterate and they confirmed that they are well aware of the need and are doing their best.

For now if you have a site in mind and the property owners contact info, submit on the supercharger suggestion page.

Pungoteague_Dave | 2015年7月13日

I have used the destination charger at the antique car museum in Hershey - works great, is a full 80 amps now.

bonaire | 2015年7月14日

There are a sprinkling of CHAdeMO in Harrisburg. If there were either CHAdeMO or SC in Lewisburg, Lehigh Valley and then Binghampton and/or Corning, it gets better. Future SC map shows Route I-81 having some coverage but that doesn't entirely fix things for visiting Finger-lakes. As other vendors put CHAdeMO out there, there will be supplemental charging. As usual, pull up PlugShare and keep hoping for more coverage while waiting for SC.

Anthony J. Parisio | 2015年7月14日

Pa is a big state. With number of cars sold in Philly, it is very needed. I am glad PhillyGal reached out to them.

Goose | 2015年7月14日

For those of us in Michigan, Ohio, and west, the I-80 corridor is the most direct route to NYC and northern NJ. After the Macedonia SC, there is practically nothing along the entire length of I-80 ... Certainly nothing we can count on to complete the trip quickly.

LostInPA | 2015年7月14日

Elon's "Sweet Spot" is not so sweet in PA. Made day trip to Philly from Mechanicsburg this weekend (barely made it). Day or weekend trip to Poconos is completely is not possible at this time. From a realist point of view, I can't see PA warranting additional SCs (just not enough state-wide sales). :-(

Plugged In | 2015年7月14日

Sales should not dictate Superchargers. If it did, I imagine Montana wouldn't have any at all (with all due respect to Bighorn). What matters, I expect, is the need to be able to travel from place to place. Surely all concerned got a clue that when they did the famous coast-to-coast on superchargers trip 18 months ago that it would have been a little easier to accomplish the task had those SC's been on I-80 through PA instead of having to duck into Maryland and Delaware to get to NY City.

But for whatever reason, it isn't happening.

landude | 2015年7月14日

@LostinPA. Are you the Red S we see on Lisburn Road?

amatiych | 2015年7月14日

Poconos are no longer an easy trip from NY. Summer should be ok but winter is now an issue except for couple of resorts. Need an SC around Delaware Water Gap on Route 80.

Djinn1 | 2015年7月15日

Allentown, Allentown, wherefore art thou Allentown (and Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, and Harrisburg, and anything along route 80 East of Lewisburg ... )

bonaire | 2015年7月15日

Someone posted in Plugshare from the State College area's Sheetz gas station CHAdeMO saying: "getting 80 mph in a Tesla MS" While slower, the scattering of CHAdeMO at the various Sheetz gas stations seem to be a supplement. But Plugshare's map of DCFC, which includes Tesla SC, is very sparse NW of Allentown up through Buffalo. There are, of course, many RV parks in central PA and that is a tertiary option.

LostInPA | 2015年7月15日

@landude - No. I have a Green S with Jersey plates (long story). I'm told that there are approximately 10 of us in the local Harrisburg area. So far, I have only seen 2 other S's (white P85+ & Gray S85). Haven't ran into a "D" yet or the Red S you spotted.

LostInPA | 2015年7月15日

The PA Fuel Vehicle Rebate Programs offers $2K for the first 250 applicants that purchase an EV/PHEV with a battery storage capacity greater than 10kWh. As of July 9,2015 only 75 rebate checks were disbursed. That's less than 8 EVs/PHEVs (Prius,Civics,Focus,Leaf,Tesla, etc...) sold a month statewide! And you wonder why we don't have more Super Chargers.

PA EV Rebate info:

t.cianci | 2015年7月15日

I live in Malvern right off Exit 320 of the PA turnpike and I have to think SC's are coming to the PA pike, including 476 North (either Allentown or Scranton/WB). I am planning a trip to Buffalo for a wedding in early Sept, and as of now the only route available is up through NJ and then Albany if I want to take my new 70D. Otherwise it's looking like our gas guzzler SUV will have to suffice since I'm not adding three hours to the trip in order to take my MS.

I stopped at the SC at the rest stop just south of Exit 8A on the NJ Tnpk yesterday, wondering when/if the PA pike will get similar 4 charger stations. It seems like a no-brainer since you can't reach PIT from PHL nor get north from PHL to the Syracuse SC.

I check the map at least three times a week for the possible additions!

bonaire | 2015年7月15日

LostInPA - a number of buyers in PA must be Leases for plug-ins. Also, many dealerships like Nissan and Chevy are really bad at covering plug-ins. Tesla easily sold more than 8 per month in PA. However, were those buyers Leases or full purchase? And, how many buyers actually know of this $2K program you mention? And then, finally, the $2K is taxable, so a 1099 is also sent out to those who get it.

LostInPA | 2015年7月15日

bonaire - I will not argue the validity of the lease purchase option possibility. But I would imagine every fiscally responsible EV/PHEV purchaser should be aware of any and all rebate programs for their state. Every PA EV/PHEV dealer I've dealt with have used the Federal & State incentives as part of their sales pitch. Finally, what sane person would turn down a $2K rebate just because they would have to give a portion (<$2K) of it back?

California & Colorado (2 of the better Super Charger states) have some of the best state EV incentives. You can bet the residents there aren't turning down state money.

plusplusjames | 2015年7月15日

I written this before, but its obvious that they have something against Pennsylvania. Just can't be bothered. It really is weird.

murphyS90D | 2015年7月15日

There used to be a $3000 rebate but those were exhausted a long time ago.

The net effect of the $2000 rebate was to reduce the sales tax on my car from 6% to 3.8%.

murphyS90D | 2015年7月15日

@plusplusjames: "I written this before, but its obvious that they have something against Pennsylvania. Just can't be bothered. It really is weird."

Apparently they were through the permit stage at Allentown when the power company declined to provide power at the selected location. I don't know what it cost to get to that point but whatever it was it was wasted. That power company (PPL) covers the majority of eastern PA except for the Philadelphia area.

AoneOne | 2015年7月15日

PennDOT publishes statistics showing that there were, in 2014, more than 2000 BEVs in the state (out of 8M cars). Other statistics suggest that about 25% of the BEVs are Model Ss, so I'd estimate about 500 in the state.

That's in the ballpark of the statements of the Tesla employees who had set up shop in a Pittsburgh-area mall to give test drives. They said there's about 100 in just the Pittsburgh area. Eastern PA has many more people so they could easily have several hundred more.

Goose | 2015年7月15日

With respect, it's not about how many cars are in PA ... We are talking about a key east-west corridor to NYC, and there a lot of us from outside of PA that need the juice to make the trip.

mikepisko | 2015年7月15日


You are right on with your comment. Pa super chargers are not just for PA owners. Hopefully we can keep this going and get Some attention. For those who don't know the PA turnpike is installing chademo chargers at some rest stops. Bowmanstown plaza is live. Hopefully Tesla Supercharger team can get something going.

PhillyGal | 2015年7月15日

@Goose - you beat me to it!

Regardless of who lives where, it's about how many people desire to travel to or through eastern PA that matters.

I'm starting to wonder what happened and how badly the utility company messed up.

PhillyGal | 2015年7月15日

Wait! One article I just read said JCPenny wouldn't grant the easements for pavement/digging.

I think I have some phone calls to make and emails to write.

If anyone uses twitter, please consider:

@jcpenney at the #LehighValleyMall in #PA is to blame for a failed @TeslaMotors charging station. Consider this war - I'll be boycotting.

nib | 2015年7月15日

I can't believe there is no charger near Harrisburg yet. It's the perfect spot to connect north/south from Baltimore to NY and it helps with Philly to Pittsburgh. PA on the map looks seriously neglected!

tes-s | 2015年7月15日

I live in CT. Allentown, Harrisburg, and something along I80 (where I81, I476 or I380 intersect) would all be superchargers I would use.

LostInPA | 2015年7月16日

Elon's West-East coast trek was not the shortest path. So why should our trek through PA be any different? Welcome to the "Sweet Spot" (i.e. don't sell your ICE).

Grinnin'.VA | 2015年7月16日

@ LostInPA | July 16, 2015

>>> Elon's West-East coast trek was not the shortest path.

Yes, Elon selected the initial East-West SC route based on a whim.
IMO, we're now well past the point when Tesla needs to focus on what is good for its customers instead of what makes its CEO feel good.

I can't imagine a good reason for Harrisburg not having a SC. It's overdue and it's obviously needed.

Disclaimer: I drove by Harrisburg on my first road trip. If I could have taken a short break at a SC there, range anxiety would not have been a major part of that experience.

t.cianci | 2015年7月16日

plusplusjames: they can't ignore PA if they want to complete the Northeast connection. Can't get to Syracuse or Pit from PHL...that must be addressed.

Mel. | 2015年7月16日

It looks like where the electric service is supplied by PPL ( Pennsylvania Power and Light ) is an empty wasteland. Somerset, Pa. appears to be just outside of their service area.

Anthony J. Parisio | 2015年7月16日

I have heard from Some clients who have homes in that area. They say PP&L are much more high priced for electricity compared to P.E.CO. in Philly. I wonder if this is a factor to Tesla choosing a location?

bonaire | 2015年7月16日

Based on this, it seems that PP&L residential is about a penny or two less than PECO. A 1000 kWh delivered amount for $147-$157 (.147-.157/kWh) is less than residential PECO which is about .16-.17 delivered.

bonaire | 2015年7月16日

Looked at it further and found PECO rates, delivered have fallen to just under .15/kWh. So, PP&L and PECO would be roughly the same after their rate increase request. That is residential.

Each utility will have their own business rate pricing which I would assume would include peak-KW prices (ie. when the full supercharger site is busy) and that may play a differentiating factor. It can't be anywhere near the peak prices held by the California utilities for mid-day charging at a busy SC, however.

cchouston | 2015年7月16日

@landude I own a gray S85 and live in Carlisle and use Lisburn on my commute, so you may have seen mine on the road. I heard through a friend of mine who works for a firm that has been engaged to do some preliminary research for a SC at the Shoppes at Susquehanna Marketplace, which is close to the Progress Ave. exit for I-81.

egarf2001 | 2015年11月27日

When we purchased in April we were told that there soon would be a supercharger in or near Harrisburg/Carlisle. For this Thanksgiving we had to drive 11 hours (normally a 6 hour ride) from central NJ to get to Pittsburgh via Newark Delaware, Hagerstown, Somerset, often waiting to supercharge because of Thanksgiving traffic. I am furious with Tesla for this obscene wait to be able to drive across Pennsylvania (to visit family). R

mikepisko | 2015年11月27日

I still take the ICE to Pittsburgh. Hagerstown is too far out of the way. Tesla had 13 superchargers in the US when I was thinking of buying. I was told then that Harrisburg would be built soon. Let's hope something happens soon. Help Tesla!!!!

PhillyGal | 2015年11月27日

We had a very nice lunch and chat with the owner at a brewery/restaurant in Wilkes-Barre, PA - quite close to Route 81 and 476 (the PA Turnpike N/S.)

The owner did ask a question about whether or not it was allowable to only have power going to the charger during business hours for fear of people playing around with or vandalizing the charger. I didn't know the answer but pointed him toward the destination charging program email.

tes-s | 2015年11月27日

When we purchased in April we were told that there soon would be a supercharger in or near Harrisburg/Carlisle.

I had a similar experience. Auburn MA is a critical supercharger for me. It was coming "in months" according to the salesman, and there was even an article published with Tesla saying it was coming soon.

Tesla delivered on their promise - it opened about 15 months later. That was when I learned what Tesla means by "soon".