Pain for the shorts today?

Pain for the shorts today?

Reportedly lot's of TSLA shorting on Tuesday:

Tesla Motors Attracts Short-Term Option Bears

However, TSLA closed at 34.52 today. Shorts bet on 31.86... Did they learn a lesson? Or... should we expect a lot of negative posts for Tesla?

David70 | 2013年1月18日

I have no idea, but it is interesting that the volume was well over 3 times the 50 day average.

Whity Whiteman | 2013年1月19日

Some people say, Tesla is a risky bet. I think, in the meantime it's more a conservative- but grow oriented title. If there's no issue with callbacks/quality, this is the best stock in the market... long termed.

Superliner | 2013年1月19日

I hope so Whity, I just picked up some albeit a little late. Should have gotten it @ IPO. But at least I've got a few skins in the game now. I'm looking Loooooong