Rearview camera plus extra left & right side view camera

Rearview camera plus extra left & right side view camera

adding a rear view camera for reverse parking and rear view while a car in motion, plus a side view on each side of the car to see cars on the side traffic.
these will eliminate side mirrors for safer driving environment. The model X has a large display, all the images can place on the top quarter of the display.
This is good addition to the vehicle.

danielcleung | 2014年7月8日

Putting all those images into the top quarter of the display is still too long a distance for your eyes to move between the what's in front of you through the windshield and those critical side/rear "views". Yes, cameras feeding those information will work, but I hope they put those images with a better ergonomic design than the central dash display.

Red Sage ca us | 2014年7月8日

Videos have shown that all three of the rear view cameras will appear on the Driver console, directly in front of the steering wheel.

vperl | 2014年8月3日

Some vehicles have backup camera have built in actual have lines/"framing" of path you are actually backing into. Federal regs have to change for side mirror cameras.

vperl | 2014年8月3日

Waiting for grammar cops to enter question, not helping, just annoying.

Brian H | 2014年8月4日

Generally, we don't bother much with those who type faster than they think, and don't proofread, and don't give a rat's about readers' inconvenience deciphering their goofy prose.

vperl | 2014年8月4日

Point proven

Remnant | 2014年8月21日

IMO, the rearview cameras should be fully implemented along with a 180 degree integrated HUD, while rearview mirrors should be made detachable, as long as regulations still require them, and discarded as soon as these regs allow it.