Roadster lease as a way to bump up your reservation #

Roadster lease as a way to bump up your reservation #

It appears as though Tesla is offering a short term lease on Roadsters to those of us on the Model S waiting list.

Seems a reasonable idea though it seems that if someone where interested enough in a Model S to reserve it and could ALSO afford a Roadster, they'd already have the Roadster.

However, what I'm upset about is the notion that our reservation #s can be pushed out by people paying extra (the Roadster lease). It would seem the Reservation # isn't very fixed at all and can be changed at Tesla's descretion.

Not a very straightforward business practice.

Todd Burch | 2010年9月10日

Who says that your reservation number is pushed out by Roadster lease participants?

Those who purchase Roadsters can get an R- reservation, which I believe takes priority over regular reservations. But those who lease Roadsters, as far as I know, get no priority.

dsm363 | 2010年9月14日

You can jump ahead of even the Roadster owners if you want. Just need to put the money down for a Signature Series Model S.

Jaffray | 2010年9月14日

I don't think this was inappropriate Dan...this was clearly explained to me at the time I placed my downpayment for the S Car.

What was very inappropriate was the way my wife laughed at me when I suggested that we lease a Roadster to move up on the S Car waiting list! ;)

(I told her that really, we could take the Roadster back when the S Car was ready, but she knows that wouldn't happen...once you've driven a Roadster, it's too're "infected" for life! ;)

KGB | 2010年9月14日

As a holder of one such leased vehicle, I would like to set Todd straight and clarify that lessees and owners both jump ahead onto the R list.

chenglo1 | 2010年9月18日

hmm..sounds like my decision to reserve or not has now been simplified!

ahimberg | 2010年9月18日

I think the lease line jumpers have to reserve a signature series. (And the lease til your modelS arrives promotion is supposed to end this month, so the # of line jumpers won't be too huge)

Jaffray | 2010年9月20日

Ahimberg, I was advised last week by a Tesla rep that both Signature series reservation holders and Roadster owners / lessees will jump ahead of regular Model S reservation holders.

chenglo1 | 2010年9月20日

I'd only write the check if it meant i was guaranteed the car i am buying at a specified time. otherwise, why have someone "borrow" my money and tell me "sorry you were too far down the list", we're sold out. This is quite possible from how it sounds so far.

chenglo1 | 2010年9月20日

BTW i was too late to sign up for a test drive at our local event this past weekend. I was imagining how the regenerative braking system worked and would have really liked to ask more questions. is there an option to turn it off? my understanding is that as i let off the accelarator, the car slows itslef down w/o using brakes. If that's the case, coasting on the freeway will not be possible and we'd be losing on efficiency. Therefore, i hope we can decactivate it or the car is smart enough to detect that i am traveling highway speeds and will allow me to simply coast. i look fwd to your replies.

Jaffray | 2010年9月20日

Cheng, I think you need to look at your funds on deposit as a place holder in a constantly moving line...I don't think the "sold out" analogy applies as manufacturing the S Car is an ongoing process...look at it this way...if you don't get a 2012, then you'll be at the front of the line for a 2013.

As 2012 is still a bit away, I'm not sure that Tesla can accurately forecast the number of S Car reservations that will be booked over the next 1.5 years...but, I'd bet that by not "waiting" in line, you'll probably have to wait when / if you place an order. If you don't have a place in line, and demand increases dramatically, you could be waiting a's a gamble either way, but if you really want one, ...

Jaffray | 2010年9月20日

I'm not technical enough to understand the math, physics and efficiencies behind regen braking, but I'd think that when viewing the over all package, recapturing the available energy from regen braking would be more important than the coasting effect.

There are many very technical & qualified members here...I'm sure someone with the proper knowledge & experience can speak to your concern.

Jaffray | 2010年9月20日

Here Cheng, try this link (discussing coasting) to the "Club" website...

Jaffray | 2010年9月20日
ggr | 2010年9月21日

You get the effect of coasting by holding the throttle in its neutral position, which is perfectly normal once you get used to it. It's exactly like driving a big rig truck, believe it or not, where backing all the way off the throttle engages the exhaust braking on the engine.

I really like the way the throttle works on the roadster. On my daily commute, I only touch the brakes to hold the car stopped at lights.


chenglo1 | 2010年9月21日

Thanks guys. sounds like I like the Tesla setup but be nice to test drive first.

Ad van der Meer | 2010年9月22日

ggr is right. The regen is addictive. I want (and reserved) the Model S, but driving the Roadster is really dangerous. The continuous power surge but also the one pedal driving due to regen is so much fun to drive that I really had to talk some sense into myself to keep me from buying one.

marlot | 2010年9月22日

To Ad van der Meer
I don't share your statement about "driving the Roadster is really dangerous".
On the contrary, I consider my Roadster as the safest car I ever drove.
1)Due to low sitting position, close to the road, I can enjoy at lower speeds (say 120 km/h) the same sensations as when driving a 4-door sedan at 160 or 170 km/h.
2)As one has so much power at disposal, one does slow down at every place where another car could come from, so much one knows that it will be so easy to speed up afterwards.
3)A Roadster can be driven as a Lotus Elise, famous for its behaviour on various roads
4)Regen could be dangerous if set up at a very high level. I can't imagine regen with a negative power of 200 kW at high speed when raining. However, I should very much appreciate to get higher regen power ; with my Roadster, I can never reach more than -38 kW, so that, when driving for fun (say faster than usual), one has to use the brakes to complete the deceleraton prior to entering a curve. By the way, the Traction Control is very well balanced : last winter, on the snow with regular summer tires, the TC was limiting the regen at -20 kW.
That's another safety point !

Timo | 2010年9月22日

@Jacques; "dangerous" as in "I want to buy this even that I can't afford it".

At least that is how I understood that.

Ad van der Meer | 2010年9月22日

@Jacques: Timo is right. The roadster is not a good economical choice for me, but it is soooooo tempting.

Airman.Williams | 2010年9月22日

lets say I am looking to be driving the model s by 2013, how far in advance would I neesd to put a deposit down?

Vawlkus | 2010年9月23日

Ummm...... now maybe? :D

Seriously, without knowing how long the reservation list is, whether the old NUMMI factory can hold to Tesla's expectations for 20,000 model S in a year, AND IF the factory can produce that many in the FIRST year of doing so, there is no WAY to predict how this will go, or when to submit a reservation with a specific delivery date in mind.

My only suggestion is to reserve as soon as you can, and make sure you specify the delievery date you want. I'm pretty sure it won't be BEFORE the date you specify, and it can easily be later than that if any problems crop up (and they might, noone can say for sure).

ChristianG | 2010年9月23日

Hard to tell as nobody knows when he'll get his Model S even as he already has a production number. Rumors go that production will begin around middle 2012. Signature, owners, leasers and standard reservation will be served before you, so chances are that if you reserve one now you're allready in 2013... Especialy if the beginning of the production will be even later...

But I really don't know, on the other hand what do you loose with your reservation? Only a little fee. If you drop out you'll get your money back. Like I stated in an other post. As long as you believe that tesla survives the risk is minimal.

DerekS | 2010年9月23日

It is a bit inappropriate, seeing as how I don't fit in a roadster so the option isn't even available to me. (The top of my head is above the top of the car, and my sightline is the windshield frame; even the dealer said it would be unsafe for me to drive one).

Elizabeth1962 | 2010年9月26日

I'm looking all over the website for the signature series. What is it and where can I read more about it?

dsm363 | 2010年9月28日

The Signature Series is a larger deposit for the Model S. It bumps you to the front of the line ahead of production (P) and Reservation (R) holders and into the Signature (S) line. The exact details of what the Signature model will have haven't been released.