It seems that the country with the highest per capita Roadster ownership is Switzerland. With the altitude and regen advantages, I guess it makes a fair amount of sense. Any Swiss owners have "hero stories" to offer here?

Brian H | 2011年12月20日

P.S. Once it's available there, I wonder if the same will happen with the 'S' (and 'X', for that matter).

AlfredG | 2011年12月23日

The success of the Roadster has several causes (repeating here from a thread in the Teslamotorsclub forum):

- Sports car country with many nice Alpine trips on your doorstep.
- Short distances (e.g. Zurich-Geneva 280km).
- Electricity everywhere.
- Right from the beginning in 2009 very professional sales staff were at work.
Perfect deliveries to your door, cars licenced with plates, all paper work completed.
- Later then a very well located sales and service center was established with
very experienced sports car technicians/mechanics.
- There was never any trace of "startup pains". They could have sold Porsches or Ferraris equally competently. A good approach if you want to survive at the higher end.

Some of these traits will help, but Model S is a very different car and for our roads and parking spaces a very large car - among the largest on the market. Certainly for me Model S would be about 20 cm too wide to be practical.

- Alfred

DHrivnak | 2012年1月5日

Another thought about Switzerland is the country is quite wealthy on the average with average incomes much better than the USA. Combine that with relatively short driving distances in the country and high gasoline prices an electric makes more sense. The Swiss also seem to have a great reguard for the environment another plus for the Tesla.