Saw and rsvp's my Tesla S this am / Observations

Saw and rsvp's my Tesla S this am / Observations

I am now a rsvp holder for the Model S as of this morning.
I saw the Tesla S in person in Los Angeles and I was impressed and compelled to get one.

Honestly, it's beautiful. There's not much I would change given the chance.
We were not able to get into it and I was told the interior was not at all final.

I was expecting the car to be bigger and for those interested in the 3rd row back seats...forgetta' bout it.

I'm not sure who would stick 2 children back there but there's definitely no head room for even a teenager.

I asked about the front grille and got sort of a vague answer about Alpha build and aluminum piece fitting being the primary goal at this stage. I inquired about the difference between what I was seeing in person and the video of the Alpha. That's the answer I got. it looks like they intend to keep the grille as we see it.

I think the primary issue I'm concerned mostly about is the cost and I'm hoping that the Federal and California tax credits will be there by the time I get my car. It's not a given. This car is still expensive.

lastly, on a side note that is somewhat related....I found out from a co-worker today that a guy here at my work who ordered a Nissan Leaf was looking at his order status and it went from months to suspended indefinitely. You guessed it, the Japan crisis has completely disrupted the deliverables for cars out of Japan. I'm assuming this won't affect Tesla since the S is being built from the ground up in CA, but it may help in getting to the tax credits before Leaf owners do now that their cars are being affected.

In any case, I'm excited. I'm rsvp holder around 3400 in case that means anything to anyone?
Sales rep told me they had about 5000 rsvps so far for the S.

Thomas19 | 2011年3月24日

Congratulations, you might want to check out this web site: They discuss everything related to EV's and as the name indicates, specifically Tesla. The Model S area has some neat photos and links to photos of the Alpha build. Happy searching!

michiganmodels | 2011年3月24日

kenji.sweeney@g... -

Congratulations! What is your reservation number?

Question: your post was unclear. Is the grill "as we see it" closer to the Alpha or the prototype? I'm hoping the prototype.

Also, Tesla has not been affected by the crisis in Japan.

"So far there’s been no impact on Tesla’s operations from the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear power plant crisis in Japan that has temporarily halted some production there, Straubel said."

Scwins | 2011年3月24日

I think I am in the 3400's. It just says Model S #34XX. I don't want to say exact number.

is that what you mean? I wish I had a meaningful way to know what number that is in my area in terms of how many people in LA have reserved.

As for the grille, I mean the way it looks on the website. The Alpha video shows a blacked out shield over the mouth. I believe the grille with the chrome bars and "T" for tesla is the intended design.

michiganmodels | 2011年3月24日


Feel free to share your exact number, we have an entire thread where everyone shares their number.

It's forum "New Model S Reservation Holder"

Brian H | 2011年3月24日

The rear-facing seats are intended for <10yr.-olds. Teens are >12yrs. old. So, not relevant.