Saw Model X in TV show recently.

Saw Model X in TV show recently.

This may be old news, since I don't normally watch the show Avant. I had heard that people spotted MS regularly being seen on this show. So I decided to catch an episode of the show. I didn't see a MS, but there was a scene in a workplace cafeteria and outside was a Model X. It wasn't moving, but it was clearly an X. The height and doors handles gave it away.

This is nice subtle advertising.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年8月13日

There is a show on CBS called EXTANT. It is in its second season. It has featured numerous electric cars, and ICE vehicles dressed to appear electric. Several of those have been either the Tesla Model S or preproduction Model X.

jordanrichard | 2015年8月14日

Red Sage, ya, that is it. As I said, I don't normally watch this show, hence be screwing up the show title.

ian | 2015年8月14日

I was getting excited for a second there as I love Audi Avants (aka wagons) and thought there was a show dedicated to them! ;-)

ken | 2015年8月15日

jordanrichard | AUGUST 13, 2015

I have saved all of those episodes but haven't watched any yet, which episode was it on, or was it on all of them?

rossRallen | 2015年8月15日

It was on the latest episode of EXTANT, CBS, 9PM Wednesday 8/12. Yes, the two door handles side-by-side made me think it was an X. But, since I've never really seen one, like almost everyone else, I couldn't be sure.

Anyway, they used an X in the first season in a couple scenes. It might also be the car that evildoer's hacked to make it stall on the railroad tracks to kill Molly's husband.

Let's hope that our vehicles don't have that feature.

timf2001 | 2015年8月15日

It was a Ford Transit Connect that was involved in the train crash.

rossRallen | 2015年8月15日

Thank heavens!