Scheduled climate control

Scheduled climate control

A long time ago, I remember reading or seeing in a video or something that you would be able to set a schedule for the climate control in your Model S so that, for example, every weekday, the car would set the cabin temperature to 70 degrees at 8 am if the car was plugged in. I can't remember where I saw/heard that though.

This is actually one of the things that made me really want the car, not because of this feature specifically, but because it made me realize what computer-izing the car made possible and what an all-electric car made practical.

I hope this feature is still in the works as it will be both cool and useful and not something that would be as practical in an ICE car.

PaceyWhitter | 2012年12月31日

It might be a part of the smartphone app. I have haerd that that is coming soon.

Desai | 2012年12月31日

When I was on the Amp'd Tour - one of the reps told me something similar which is of course now confirmed that isn't happening. The rep told me that the car learns your habits that if you go to work at 7:00 am and you set the temp to 70 degrees it will learn it and do so each day automatically. This was a one of the features that was rumoring around and I was told over and over again from different reps and now I am sad that the only way to achieve this is through the smartphone app.

stevenmaifert | 2012年12月31日

My Leaf has both charge timers and climate control timers. They can be set from the car, my computer, or a smart phone, if I had one. I think my Model S will have that too someday. I will just have to be patient.

wbrown01 | 2013年1月2日

What happened to this app, are they done?

Velo1 | 2013年1月2日

I think the video above is the referred to in the FAQ section, currently being beta tested and available "soon". It is not out yet.

Desai | 2013年1月2日

@wbrown01: The Tesla app is approved by Apple and now awaiting a final release by Tesla.

Volker.Berlin | 2013年1月3日

I think the video above is the referred to in the FAQ section, currently being beta tested and available "soon". It is not out yet. (Velo1)

Here is the actual reference:

jeffaajones | 2019年8月13日

Another app that could possibly set climate control timers (if we all can get the app developer to do it) is TeslaRemote at the App Store. I definitely would like to see timers and schedulers for climate control in the Tesla app. Or even on the car screen

TranzNDance | 2019年8月13日

My car is comfortable on my regular schedule. If it's not a scheduled drive it takes such little time to get comfortable. Is that not the car for you?

TranzNDance | 2019年8月13日

I should probably mention my car has white seats and heat resistant tinting.