Second Row Bench

Second Row Bench

Since the third row is optional, I think that solidifies that row two will be a bench. That's a bigger deal than having to pay more for xtra seats.

Do people like benches? Maybe in the third row. Hopefully Tesla goes with two buckets and a fold flat middle seat in row two, buckets in back. | 2014年6月29日

Doesn't mean anything. Second row independent of third row, I believe.
If second row seats slide forward to facilitate climbing into the third row, bench seat not likely.

Iowa92x | 2014年6月29日

Tesla will market a 5 or 7 seater Model X, so only two seats in second row unlikely.

danielcleung | 2014年6月29日

It would be nice to have a 60:40 split or individual seat for second row, in the case of loading longer object into the car.

kotcar | 2014年7月10日

I hope that don't have benches for either 2 or 3 row. Individual seats so you can have the seats fold down based on what you need to put in the car but still have places for the kids to sit.

Iowa92x | 2014年7月10日

Early proto' shows three seater in row two. Perhaps this will change by game day. I hope, but doubt it.

The X will be sold as a 5 or 7 seater, so the maths doesn't work out for two buckets in the second row.

aljjr2 | 2014年7月10日

Audi Q7 offered a 2 + 2 Bucket arrangement with a standard 3rd row. I liked it, but they no longer offer that option. Now all the second rows are 60/40 split bench.

I assume it was not a popular option -- thus deleted.

With he third row optional, it would surprise me.... I would like it, but so be it.

Red Sage ca us | 2014年7月11日

Depends upon whether you prefer the option of using it like a van or not. Most seem to prefer to fold all rear seats flat to load from the back. I would presume that most common options will be explored and ultimately offered by Tesla Motors. That said, rumor has it something very special is due for the second row seats.

Tâm | 2014年7月17日

Seat prototype:

Second row with the right seat moves up:

Second row (all 3 seats are even and in normal position) with some view of third row:

Tâm | 2014年7月17日

I know this thread is about second row but I have no where to place this close up picture of third row seats :)

Its back are not split, so if you want to accommodate your skis, the whole back must be folded down:

Red Sage ca us | 2014年7月18日

Nice pictures!

Iowa92x | 2014年7月18日

Thanks Tam. Perhaps on last shot of third row, the seat widget in the lower middle opens for skis?

I like the hard shine plastic back of the front seats, white iPhone.

WHERE ARE THE CUP HOLDERS, sky is falling.

EQC | 2014年7月19日

"That's a bigger deal than having to pay more for xtra seats."

People who think this way should try turning it around: You have the option of paying less for fewer seats.

If you're buying a 7-seat Model X, you're paying for 7 seats, Period. Why should it upset you that somebody can pay a bit less for a 5-seat version? Did you think that eliminating the 5-seat version would somehow make your 7-seat version cost less?

I think Elon said some time ago (I think it was at an event in Europe) that the Model X would be single-digit percentage more expensive than the Model S, and most of the extra cost would be for the dual-motor all-wheel drive. The Model X is also a little larger overall, so more materials means more expense.

The Model S seats 5 as standard. An extra row of seats compared to the S would also mean more expense, and therefore another step up in price compared to the S. BUT: why make 7 seats part of the "base" Model X if not everybody would want 7 seats? Why raise the price of the base model by forcing 7 seats on everybody who wants an X?

From a profit perspective, every aspect of the car (base price and options) has profit built into it. Tesla's total profit on a 7-seat version should be higher than on a 5-seat version. Tesla, therefore, has a motivation to sell more 7-seaters. On the other hand, having a slightly cheaper 5-seat version might appeal to some buyers. Since Tesla is production (not demand) constrained, they could force 7 seats and the higher price on all buyers to maximize profits. In my opinion, making the extra 2 seats optional shows respect for their customers by .

EQC | 2014年7月19日

All that rambling, and I ended it with a type-o. Rats! Obviously, please ignore the last word, "by," above.

Brian H | 2014年7月19日

I thought you'd learned Newfie, bye!

Iowa92x | 2014年7月19日

EQC, my point is people generally don't like a bench in the second row. The X will have a bench. Minivan captain chairs, FTW.

AlMc | 2014年7月19日

There was some speculation that at least one of the second row seats may be able to rotate to face the open door. This would make it easy to put a child into/take out of a child seat. While possible with a bench seat it would be much easier with CAptain's chair.

Also, TM may be getting sophisticated with production enough to offer bench OR captain's chair second row seats. Would give more flexibility.

gfb107 | 2014年7月19日

The prototype 2nd row seats it the pictures above look like 3 individual seats, not a bench. If the middle seat can be folded flat into the floor, or even removed, that would be very similar to captains chairs, although I don't see armrests. I think it would be possible for the outer seats to then swivel to face the door opening, when the middle seat is folded down or removed.

It the middle seat is removable, it could also be optional. If so, I don't see why captains chairs couldn't also be an option. Maybe not available with initial production, but eventually. And if that pans out, they could easily be made available as a retrofit, assuming a consistent floor mounting system.

EQC | 2014年7月19日

Iowa92x: understood. Elon has said a few times that he hates the idea of concept cars which, when pushed through toward production, end up considerably worse. As the pictures above show, Tesla has shown an X "concept" with 3 independent middle based on Elon's philosophy, at least that should make it to production. Maybe not quite full captains chairs, but at least as good as 3 independent seats.

As for your love of Minivan seats: my wife and I just got an 8-seat 2012 Odyssey to hold our growing family (3 kids in car seats, plus a dog, maybe more in the future). I love the versatility in the seats! We liked the Sienna too, although I think the seating in the Odyssey is a bit more versatile, especially w.r.t. holding car seats. Hopefully Tesla is eyeballing both of these for good Model X features.

Red Sage ca us | 2014年10月17日