signature edition faq again

signature edition faq again

I too as meny others are wounder what the different between standard and signature edition is.
quote tesla:
"Be one of the first to take delivery by reserving a Model S Signature. 500 Model S Signatures will be produced first with unique badging and will come very well equipped"

as I read this you get some extra equipment on top as a bonus...or is this not how it should be read ?

Some other topics here on this forum claim that the end price of signature will be higher than the standard since the signature edition is "fully loaded" (asuming the well equiped part is not a bonus)
- but if that is true I see no bennefit of having a signature edition, I asume you could always get your standard edition "fully loaded" - its basically a matter of selected options - or am I mising something...?

ofcouse I recon that the signature is delivered first, so standard editions will be 3-6 month later - is this the only real bennefit of paying most up front

my guess is that the signature edition eg. will be equiped with the glass and electric sunroof while the standard edition might have this as a option - but how would this influense the end price on the 2 models.

dsm363 | 2011年2月27日

No one other than Tesla knows exactly what the Signature series will have. They haven't released that information. In the past, I was told it would have a set of options that couldn't exactly be replicated through the production model but who knows. We'll find out probably later this year or early next year.