will there e good rom for a stroller or two?

Timo | 2011年2月12日

Or four or five. Model S will probably be the most spacious car there is in its type (luxury sedan). You have trunk in front and in back. There is no ICE to take space.

Samuel H. | 2011年2月15日

I really like the fact that the two child seats are rear facing and in a different compartment. As a child, I used to love riding in the rumble seats of a friend's station wagon. Now that I'm older, I can see the value of having the kids and their noise (and complaints) as far away from the driver as possible. The kids will love it; the parents will love it; everybody is happy.

Hey Timo, do you know if the rear seats will be foldable and/or removable?

Vawlkus | 2011年2月15日

Foldable yes, removable I don't believe so.

Samuel H. | 2011年2月15日


Kallisman | 2011年2月16日

Everything is removable, as long as u have the right tools:-PPutting it back in again might be a bigger challenge.

Brian H | 2011年2月17日

Yes, if at first you don't succeed, get a bigger jackhammer! <9-)

Vawlkus | 2011年2月18日

I thought it was sledgehammer, not jackhammer

Brian H | 2011年2月18日

I just like to start big. ;)

BYT | 2011年2月23日

Are either of you related to Tim the Tool Man Taylor?

Timo | 2011年2月23日

Getting back to topic, Model S page FAQ (not the forum one) says that rear seats are optional. If you don't need them, don't get them.

Maybe that means there would be space for parcel shelf behind rear seats instead of opening to the trunk space.

cytek | 2011年3月9日

I know occupant safety is paramount in designing a well built car. My questions concerning the rear passenger seats are as below.

1) I noticed there are no rear headrests on Model S. I understand that there will be 2 additional child seats in the rear trunk. Won't a lack of rear head restraints be dangerous when rear passengers' heads unexpectedly bang into each other from behind during collisions (both forward and rear facing passengers)? I am wondering will there be any rear headrest restraints included for rear passengers to protect their heads and necks from sudden whiplashes, from shattered flying glass debris and prevent from violent head contacts during collisions? If rear driver visiblity is an issue, the rear head restraints can easily slide up and down manually.

2) Isn't it dangerous to have passengers in the rear trunk seats from being crushed, since there needs to be a crumple zone space for rear end collisions. Also their facees are directly in front of the rear window, won't that be a serious risk to shattered flying glass debris raining down directly in front of their faces (especially eyes) during collisions?

3) I noticed a large LCD screen in the front console is very glossy. Will this be difficult to see the display screen during the sunny day with sunlight expusure and glaring reflections?