Standard charging cable length?

Standard charging cable length?

How long is the standard charging cable length? I may not be able to have my electrician mount the charging outlet (in my garage) on the same side as the MS charging port. It may be on the opposite side so I'm wondering whether the cable would be long enough or do they sell extensions ?

buickguy | 2014年7月18日

The charging cable that comes with the car is 20 feet long, which is plenty to reach around the car to the "opposite" side. This set up is just like I have -- no problem. No extensions are available from Tesla. They loudly speak against them.

paul | 2014年7月18日

I consider it a hazard to have the cable stretch across a garage behind, over, or under another car, or through its parking space. You didn't mention whether that's your situation.

I'm considering stringing the charging cable along the floor under some permanently affixed metal housing. A car (not the Tesla) coming into/out of the garage over that would be going very slowly and treat it as a low-grade speed bump.

Any opinions on such a solution?

buickguy | 2014年7月18日

Every morning I pick up my cable and wrap it around a no-kink holder I designed. Every evening I take it off the holder and plug in. No mess, no fuss and no driving over the cable by anything.

TeslaNH25 | 2014年7月18日

In my proposed case, the cable/outlet would be mounted on the wall of my garage in the opposite side of the car from where the charge port is, thus the cable would run along the garage floor behind the car from right to left as you face the car's rear.

Comments ?

buickguy | 2014年7月18日

That's my case exactly. No problems.

jordanrichard | 2014年7月18日

Same set up here. Typically I open the garage door, unplug the car, hang the handle inside the Tesla hook, and just lay the cable aside. Some have said they drive their car over the cable, but I am not about to do that. I actually hang some of the excess cable length on the hook. It's $25 and available in the Accessories section.

paul | 2014年7月19日

The problem remains: the other car (closer to the charging outlet/station) potentially going in and out of the garage when charging is in progress. Has anyone put the cable on the floor permanently? If so, covered it with a metal plate affixed to the floor? The charging end going into the car would hang when not in use, on a wall mount near the Tesla.

TeslaNH25 | 2014年7月19日

Does another cable come with the car that stays in the truck, so it's always with you? This is in addition to the one that stays in your garage ?

AndyO | 2014年7月19日

An additional mobil connector bundle can be purchased from the Tesla online store for $650 plus shipping:


AndyO | 2014年7月19日

Second try: model-s-mobile-connector

AndyO | 2014年7月19日

Not awake yet: model-s-mobile-connector

johncrab | 2014年7月19日

I mounted my HPWC near where the left rear corner of my MS will so so that in time if I add an X of Model III, I will be able to unroll more cable, bring it around behind the MS and plug into the other car.

DLebryk | 2014年7月19日

@rapoport - the cable is carrying 240v at possibly 30 amps, and that cable costs $650. If it were me, I'd never drive over the cable, even unplugged. I wouldn't even consider putting some kind of ramp around it. It is just too dangerous and expensive.

I'm guessing you have a reason why you don't put the plug on the other side of the garage.

Try looking up for your solution, sometimes it is easier to run the cable at the ceiling than the floor. Or putting the outlet in the middle of the garage. Conduit is a lot less expensive and safer than driving over the cable.

sbeggs | 2014年7月19日

I have this situation when I choose to drive the T into the garage forward rather than backing it in. So, I have ordered a 15 foot Camco 55194 extension with NEMA 14-50 male and female connections that is rated to handle 50 amps; price $56.32. Other Tesla owners have also purchased and used this extension without any overheating or circuit breaker overloading. I will run this extension along the ceiling to a point above the left rear of the car when parked nose forward and then I will be able to use the normal 20 foot cord that comes with the car to connect vertically and hang the excess when not in use. I have the luxury of only one car so parking precision and width clearance is not a problem. I intend to test the extension cord at various amperage loading up to the 40 amp limit of the 20 foot cord that comes with the car. In fact, most of the time we charge with only 20 amps during the midnight low-rate time period. I believe that charging with lower amps and taking longer results in less heat generation/loss and hopefully longer battery least longer than my life-time.
Sbeggs (Steve's first post)

philgrocks | 2014年7月19日

Hello TeslaNH25,

The car comes with one set of the mobile charging cable. You can buy another or install the High Power Wall Connector (HPWC). If you are only putting in a 50A breaker / circuit and you have just one on-board charger you will get the same performance. This gives you a max charge rate of 40A.

If you have two on-board chargers, and can install a larger circuit 60A, 70A, 80A, then you can get faster charging with the HPWC. I don't normally charge faster than 40A. But many feel the HPWC is a bit safer as it has less connectors. But I think it is safe either way.

In my case I could run a much larger circuit and install both a NEMA 14-50 and the HPWC. I did both so I could later charge a 2nd car at the same time if I wanted.

In either case what I had to do was to have the electrical run conduit from the side of the garage to where the outlet was best located to give me that max flexibility. This conduit went up the wall to the ceiling and then down to where I wanted it.

I did this to make sure I avoid driving over the cable. I would not recommend that. if you can describe your challenge further, that may help in finding your solution.

Electricious | 2014年7月19日

I agree with the earlier comments---don't drive over the cable, even if you've taken some steps to protect it. Instead, consider runner conduit (not an extension cord) up one wall, across the ceiling and down to the spot you would like the outlet to be. TeslaNH25---Would you consider backing in to the garage if the above scenario won't work?

TeslaNH25 | 2014年7月19日

Thanks for all the comments.
I guess backing in could be an option.

My main question was to understand what comes standard. It seems that its one 20 foot cable. Does that mean that most drivers keep the cable in their car at all times so that if they need to charge somewhere other than home, they would always have a cable onboard?

Or do you just depend on using the cables that charging stations have such as Tesla's as well as non Tesla stations?

PaceyWhitter | 2014年7月19日

Usually keep it at home. If you charge at public stations they have their own cables (you have a j1772 adaptor for them). Super chargers also have cables. If you are going on a trip you will want to bring your UMC so that you can charge at outlets when you stop.

neurocutie | 2019年12月16日

anybody have their outlet or charger mounted in the ceiling? that's the other way to solve this problem of being on the wrong side...