Tesla Enthusiasts Needed - Help An Automotive Startup Company With Your Advice

Tesla Enthusiasts Needed - Help An Automotive Startup Company With Your Advice

Hi everyone,

I'm the young CEO of an automotive tech startup, and I need the advice of people like you who are on the cutting edge of new technologies.

Our flagship product is a biometric system that automatically adjusts your mirrors and seat position by sensing the orientation of your eyes when you enter your vehicle. What are your initial thoughts on the feature? Useless, or a great convenience and safety feature?

If you also have time to take a quick 15-question survey to help us be able to design a product that makes sense for you, we would be very grateful for your feedback. You can access the survey at with password 1stSurvey.

Thank you!

Dillan DiNardo
Seriphus Technologies

Brian H | 2013年10月24日

How stable would it be? Unworkable if it tries to track every change of head position.

Dillan DiNardo | 2013年10月24日

The intention is for the mirrors to be adjusted once upon entering the vehicle, then stable for the rest of the ride. You're absolutely right - it would be ridiculous if the mirrors moved around constantly during the drive.

petochok | 2013年10月24日

Took the survey, but feel it's important to mention that several cars on the market do exactly what you are describing through a form of "driver profile". All driver adjustments are stored and assigned to each key fob, and are recognized when the driver enters the vehicle.

Timo | 2013年10月24日

Also different drivers prefer different settings, so there is no one setting fits all solution to that problem.