Tesla for first car?

Tesla for first car?

Hello, I am thinking about cars for my first car. Even though i still have 4 years, im looking ahead. I looked every where i could and not finding the looks i wanted [unless i went with a 70's 80's or 90's car] and remembered about tesla. While still not the looks i want, it still looks good and i wouldent refuse one for my first car. But. should i go for a tesla or go with something else? I like the idea of having a eletric car. Saving money on gas and not having to change oil ect, ect. It just sounds appealing to me. [Especially with gas being $4.00 a gallon. Ouch.] Please leave you suggestions down below.

Thank you for reading,


Brian H | 2013年8月2日

Spell it with just one T. Tesla.

Samuroot1987 | 2013年8月2日

Oops. ill fix that.

negarholger | 2013年8月2日

Tesla is my first car
Before that for 43 years I had to use crap to go from A to B.

ENGINEER | 2013年8月2日

I'd consider looking into a test drive. That would help persuade you with your decision.

Samuroot1987 | 2013年8月3日

Well. In 4 years time, ill schedule one.

ian | 2013年8月3日

By then there should be some great deals on used S's too!

redacted | 2013年8月3日

If you're a trust fund kid, it might be a good idea. If you're not and are instead going to be, say, a college student, something like a Yaris may make more economic sense. The 15,000 gallons of gas difference in the price would take you maybe half a million miles in that vehicle.

Samuroot1987 | 2013年8月3日

Well, Honestlly with the toyota recalls i'm wanting to shy away from them.

tes-s | 2013年8月4日

You need to be 25 to test drive one.

Code4Ever | 2013年8月17日

I am considering our next car and we have one first time driver in the family that went on the test drive , I actually think it is a good car to learn from. She felt more control and my biggest fear , the incredible acceleration she was fine with and the braking actually helped her drive better.

The question comes down to economics and the place you are living , but if those aren't issues it is a pretty good car to start with.

Skotty | 2013年8月19日

Having an $80K car for one's first car is a ridiculous proposition. I really think people should work their way up. My first car was $1K, and I paid for it by working for farmers shoveling chicken $&$%. Mind you, I don't think it needs to be that extreme, but how about starting with a Ford Focus or something a little more reasonable.

Skotty | 2013年8月19日

To elaborate a little, you probably want to start with a cheaper smaller car for a few years. At least until you are a very confident driver. If I had an $80K car for my first car, I would have been too scared to ever take it out.