Tesla makes series premier.

Tesla makes series premier.

Marty, the lead character on Showtimes House of Lies, has traded in his Mercedes SLS AMG for a beautiful Model S. Curious to see what other shows this season will show the car.

TikiMan | 2013年1月13日

I am 100% sure you will see a LOT of MS's on popular TV shows, films, etc where a car company didn't pay serious $$$$$$$$ to get their ICE in it.

Otherwise, Hollywood LOVES the MS, and from what know, just about EVERYONE who is ANYONE in the entertainment industry, either has one, or has one on order!

Sorry Prius.

dstiavnicky | 2013年1月14日

It will be a lot like all of the Apple laptop placement everywhere. They all want their characters to be seen as cool, technical innovators.

Epley | 2013年1月14日

Saw a Roadster on Leverage. Sweet.

TheAustin | 2013年1月14日

On March 29th, 2010 I saw a Roadster on the TV show Chuck...I made some Googling to find out what it was, discovered that it was a Tesla, went to their website, and two months later, after much research and drooling, I put a deposit down on the Model S that now sits in my driveway, delivered just over two and a half years after I first learned of Tesla by way of a TV show. I for one do not underestimate the value of product placement ;)

TheAustin | 2013年1月14日

From Season 2, Episode 1 of the Showtime show House of Lies:

Brian H | 2013年1月15日

All you gize is just suggestible. Suckahs! ;)

Nexxus | 2013年1月15日

They already featured the roadster on Dallas last year.

Timo | 2013年1月15日

You can see Roadster in first Ironman movie, that's when it was still prototype (it shows in background in Ironman garage, IIRC the rightmost car)

TheAustin | 2013年1月18日

Obviously he meant, "Model S makes series premier."

We're not counting that cheesy movie trailer as "official" yet are we?

kevinf311 | 2013年1月18日

The roadster was featured in an episode of the USA series Royal Pains as well. Given as a gift to the main characters by one of the patients they helped (nice gift!). Sadly they didn't keep it, just one shot of it kicking up gravel as it sped down the driveway.

Brian H | 2013年1月18日

Obviously, we need a series with Clark Kent driving a Model S!

Timo | 2013年1月18日

How about Storm from X-men? Instant recharge and all that?

TheAustin | 2013年1月18日

I say go for broke...James Bond, or bust!

JAGFOX | 2013年1月18日

I like the James Bond idea ... but it also should be something to look for in the next Ironman movie given that Elon Musk already made a cameo in a previous Ironman movie and given his reputation as the real life Tony Stark.

TheAustin | 2013年1月18日

JAGFOX, that's sounds more plausible. And, we all know Elon had a cameo (with lines) in Iron Man 2, yes?