Tesla Model S Commercial

Tesla Model S Commercial

It has been almost a month since I've applied for a job at Tesla and still haven't received any response. I know they are probably swapped with hundreds of applications every week, so I made a short commercial in hopes of grabbing their attention. Thank you and enjoy!

EvaP | 2013年7月10日

Have you tried to reach Elon on Twitter? He is there tweeting under his own name and under Tesla's.
I am sure he is looking for people like you:)
I would make a link to my video and put the Tesla 101 on a website and tweet that also. You never know. This is a young company and needs enthusiastic employees.

Good luck!

GeekEV | 2013年7月10日

Was that spliced together from other footage or did you shoot your own? I commend your dedication and creativity in pursuing this job...

awieckowski4833 | 2013年7月10日

I don't own a Model S so I had to find videos. I did the editing, music, special effects, etc. Thank you the positive feedback everyone.

PorfirioR | 2013年7月10日

Did you come up with that tag line at the end? Good job.

awieckowski4833 | 2013年7月10日

Yeah, I tried to come up with an original slogan for Tesla. Thanks for the feedback.

Colasec | 2013年7月10日

That's a great video. I'd hire you :) Good luck, though, you're giving yourself a great chance.

awieckowski4833 | 2013年7月11日

Thanks everyone. Please like and share the video so hopefully I will get a response from Tesla!

Brian H | 2013年7月12日

Tesla don't need no steenkin' ads! ;p

awieckowski4833 | 2013年7月12日

It is true. If Tesla had marketing or ads then the demand would skyrocket and Tesla would have a big problem filling in the orders. The best marketing team Tesla has now are its customers.

awieckowski4833 | 2013年7月13日

Almost at 1,000 views, thanks for watching!

LwaziTransportation | 2013年7月25日

awesome commercial

george | 2013年7月29日
Brian H | 2013年7月29日

Some people seem to think everything on YouTube is public domain. Not so.

Cindy I II III | 2013年8月2日

Nice video!

Question - what else can you do to make it viral-ready? With millions of hits, and a Today Show interview, Tesla will have no choice but to take notice :-) dreaming here...
Thinking back to the Apple 1984 (?) super bowl commercial, if you can make something like that (spiritually not literally) it would be awesome.

Given how ugly/uninspiring, compromising the EVs that the big auto came up with, which made EV appear limited to the environmentally conscious to put up with and inferior to the ICEs for the rest to stay away from, Tesla's power and beauty is a true game-changing break-through.