Tesla in Sweden

Tesla in Sweden

Has anyone had any success contacting Tesla sales in Stockholm? I requested a test drive 5 weeks ago and haven't heard anything, apart from a phone call from Tesla Europe saying that the Stockholm office would contact me as soon as possible. I also don't get any reply to emails sent to the Stockholm office.

Is the Stockholm sales office setup yet? It says so on the Tesla web page but there seems to be no one there.

Car t man | 2013年10月17日

The staff probably enjoys driving them on their own too much... :)

Olof | 2013年10月17日

They are probably inundated with inquiries like the Tesla store here in New York. They weren't ready for the high volume of customers.

I signed up for a test drive a year ago and still nobody has gotten back to me, after one year, nothing...

I finally just walked to the store to sign up for a drive and then ordered the car online when I came home.

Olof | 2013年10月17日 more thing. Once I had the actual car the service center has been helpful and responsive.

It is definitely the way to get happy customers -don't push the product but take care of customer once it is delivered.

nickjhowe | 2014年7月2日

I guess the tax incentives really do make a difference. While Norway has more Teslas per head of population than any other country in the world, Sweden's first Tesla store opened on June 18th (reported on the Tesla Owners Facebook page). The Tesla Motors Store page still says 'coming soon'.

jeff | 2019年6月10日

Is it true that a Tesla won't work if the temp is under 15 degree F.

NKYTA | 2019年6月10日