Tesla & Warehouse 13

Tesla & Warehouse 13

Tesla should give the producers a model s to put on the show Warehouse 13 and other shows to increase public visibility and noticeability. What shows would you like to see a Model S on

J.T. | 2013年6月11日

Desperate Reservation Holders

graphite | 2013年6月11日

I'll gladly put on a show in my garage.

GeekEV | 2013年6月11日

@graphite - Woah. TMI...

carlgo | 2013年6月11日

How about a list of shows to NOT have Tesla product placement:

Any show featuring Jesse James
Parolees and Pitbulls
Hillbilly Hand Fishing
Tatto Nightmares
Fox News
Bad Girls
UFC fights
Swamp People

And many more....

Mel. | 2013年6月12日

carigp, what is your problem with Shameless?. I think you have to quite watching Swamp people.

frmercado | 2013年6月12日

@carlgo I agree with all except UFC. It's the one place where you can watch good Brazilian Ju-jitsu and other forms of martial arts. It is also an extremely demanding sport, both physically and mentally; I'm sure a lot of people you wouldn't think off actually follow MMA . Notwithstanding the aforementioned, I don't always agree with the intellectual philosophies that drive UFC or the education of its participants...

carlgo | 2013年6月12日

Actually, thinking about Shameless, the kids could steal one and try to disassemble it in the rain. That could be amusing.

Yes, my observations of UFC were based on my kids and their friends. It might be good to have the most bad-assed fighter, and a ring girl who I would audition and select, drive around in a Tesla to show that it is the car of the people, not elitist.

David Trushin | 2013年6月17日

Wh13 is sponsored by toyota and they feature the prius.

Mmv3 | 2013年6月18日

I no there sponsored by Toyota my point was that tessla should try to get the car on one or two episodes I thought tessla and Toyota could make some sort to deal they also had a ford SUV that was recked in the first season ,

Would also like to see it on Doctor Who

Mmv3 | 2013年6月18日

Maby on switched at birth and NCIS, have it be Zeva's new car next season, she sold her mini at the end of this season

Mmv3 | 2013年6月18日

Maybe a movie spot

Timo | 2013年6月18日

@Mmw3, Tesla with one s (Nikola Tesla namesake) and Ziva, not Zeva (Ziva is proper Hebrew name fitting for Mossad agent)

Mmv3 | 2013年6月20日

Big Bang Theory

carlgo | 2013年6月20日

James Bond. There is always a buzz about the car chosen.

Timo | 2013年6月20日

Someone from Big Bang Theory owns a Roadster. Don't remember which. He might own a Model S too now. They could use his actual car for episode.

Current Bond uses Aston Martin as pretty much only choice. There were others, but I like Aston Martin cars, so no reason to break that tradition.

Maybe for Bond villain. Those tend to be techno-geeks of some kind, so why not have Model S there?

Mmv3 | 2013年7月16日


BadgerErickson | 2019年12月13日

Area 51 w Scully & Mulder, LIVE!!!

BadgerErickson | 2019年12月23日


nipper2 | 2019年12月23日

@black_w34 Kingmorack is a Chinese rack Company

TabascoGuy | 2019年12月23日

...and Tesla builds their own racks.

nipper2 | 2019年12月23日

No I have quoted them and sold them Racks

TabascoGuy | 2019年12月23日

OK, not all of them. Lets go with a lot of them.

nipper2 | 2019年12月23日

I should say not always they might also make some of there own specialty racks

rxlawdude | 2019年12月23日

At least I hope they are nice racks.

BadgerErickson | 2019年12月29日

Nice rack @ Area 13!!

nukequazar | 2019年12月29日

Black_w34 is spam! Flagged