UK Forum?

UK Forum?


I've read elsewhere there is a UK forum here, does anyone know how to get access?

Many thanks


Blueshift | 2014年3月20日

There is this one, not here, but on

Anonymous | 2014年3月21日

Hi Blueshift...

Thanks... that's where I read there is a UK forum here..

I have found the URL...

But its a private forum by all accounts... not sure how you gain access...

I have a Model S RHD on order in the UK and was hoping to find more info about build progress! :)

Many thanks


Brian H | 2014年3月21日

If you have an order in, email to request private forum access, and perhaps mention the UK link specifically.

habib.rahman | 2015年9月25日

I took delivery of model S D85 on 23rd of Sept 2015 . This was most unpleasant experience . The delivery team is bunch of jokers and cow boys who do not know what they are doing. They have a great product but the worst team to deliver the car.. My other cars are range rover vogue, Jaguar XJ and Mersedes ML . These cars dealers and teams know how to look after their customers. Tesla team is abrupt ,do not tell you truth and disrespectful .Habib Rahman

IanMcLennan | 2019年1月21日

Just read that Electric companies are trying to get EV car manf to let EV users feed electric back into the grid.

It occurs to me that it would be better for an EV user to be able to use the Vehicle battery to power the home, when the sun no longer deeds the solar panels. Can Mr Tesla help please? | 2019年1月21日

@Ian - Tesla already has a product for that - the PowerWall. Batteries are designed differently for a whole house UPS type operation over the cars, to ensure the longevity of both applications. Clearly it is technically possible, but so far Tesla has shown no interest in using the car as a home UPS. Warranty issues could also be a factor (much harder on the batteries), and people charging at the Supercharger and coming home to discharge is another.