Want the Tech Package just for Navigation, don't get it.

Want the Tech Package just for Navigation, don't get it.

Many people want the Technology Package on the base model Model S, but if you don't want/need the Xenon headlamps, Electrochromatic side mirrors, LED foglights, Convenience lighting, Power rear liftgate, High definition back-up camera, Homelink, and Automatic keyless entry, you can save $3,750 on your Model S. Why? Because you can always go on the internet, go on Google Maps, and get Turn-by-Turn driving directions. Keep in mind that the internet system is STANDARD. But if you REALLY want those extra features, then suit yourself.

Brian H | 2013年1月25日

Naw, TM figured that if you get lost, it's fun getting back on track in the MS, and gives an excuse to drive further. It's a feature, not a bug! ;p

JoeFee | 2013年3月25日

Has any one found the avoid toll roads option in MS nav?

winfriedwilcke | 2013年3月26日

In-car storage of map data with the tech package? I got the MS with the tech package because I live in an area with awful 3G coverage (in the mountains between Silicon valley and the Pacific). My understanding was that the tech-package provides for complete US maps stored LOCALLY (i.e. somewhere in the car), but it doesn't seem to work. The map screen shows mostly black until I reach an area with 3G coverage. My software version is 4.2
Does anyone else have this missing local maps problem?

Otherwise, fantastic car. Bye bye, BMW!

DouglasR | 2013年3月26日


The in-car storage of map data displays on the left side of the instrument panel, not on the touch screen. Are you saying the instrument panel map shows black when you have no service? That shouldn't happen.

hfcolvin | 2013年3月26日

winfried -

You have to be "navigating" to a destination for the map to show up on the left side instrument screen. It will remain accurate and update in 3G dead spots.

winfriedwilcke | 2013年3月26日

@DouglasR and @hfcolvin

Thanks for the answer - yes, you are correct, the map data display on the left of the instrument panel works fine in 3G dead spots. I am very relieved that there is no problem with the car.


cerjor | 2013年3月26日

I use the map on the big screen more often than the one on the dash. In poor 3G areas I find that the big screen map cannot keep up with the car. Lots of the screen is black (or gray). So what will happen when I don't sign up for a data plan? No big screen map at all. I too feel the mapping really leaves a lot to be desired.

hikerockies | 2013年3月28日

Has any one tried using a Garmin or TomTom navigation unit in the car? I am wondering if all that coating on windshield and pano roof which is causing problems with tollway responders and garage door openers, will also block GPS signal.

stevenmaifert | 2013年3月28日

@azizkhan - The GPS signals are getting through to the TBT nav on my smartphone, so I would think a Garmin or Tom Tom unit would be okay too.

hikerockies | 2013年3月28日

@stevenmaifert - Thanks for checking.

winfriedwilcke | 2013年3月28日

The GPS signals (between 1.2 and 1.6 GHz) make it just fine through the windshield. I tested it with a (rather high end - $4000) Garmin 496 portable GPS.
Thanks to the replies by DouglasR and hfcolvin to my question a few days ago in this thread, I know now that data from the internal navigation database -- which is part of the Tech Package -- is ONLY displayed on the instrument panel itself, not on the big central screen. But I'm still having a 'bootstrap' problem if starting out in an area of no 3G coverage: as far as I can tell, the only way to get nav data displayed on the instrument panel is to enter a destination and receive a route from Google. But receiving this route requires 3G connection - so there is a real catch 22.
That's why I know that a Garmin portable works :-(