reserved 12/5 but haven't been "invited" to order and configure

when I do, however, I have seen nothing about any warranty Tesla gives

does anyone know what it is?

Sudre_ | 2013年1月11日

4 year or 50,000 mile, whichever comes first, new vehicle limited warranty
40 kWh battery has a 8 year or 100,000 mile, whichever comes first, warranty"

I think you should be able to access the details here amongst this list:

kortj | 2013年1月12日

Actually, it's a 0 mile warranty, because we are forced to pay $650/year to maintain it. That's as much as a Mercedes! That sure is an expensive windshield wiper. You bet I am going to require that all my break pads, rotors, fluids, and anything else under the service agreement is absolutely replaced every year needed or not, and all out on the road. $650/year maintenance for a car that needs no maintenance is BULL.

Tesla, if you advertise less maintenance, it should cost less. That is the ONLY measure. False Advertising!

sagebrushnw | 2013年1月12日

@ kortj

Do you have "break pads" taking a break at work, or you referring to the car's "brake pads"?

sergiyz | 2013年1月13日

They said at some point it's gonna cost this much, but no one has seen it yet, as well as pre-paid plan.

Dusty | 2013年1月13日

"Actually, it's a 0 mile warranty, because we are forced to pay $650/year to maintain it. That's as much as a Mercedes!"

+1, sadly...

jat | 2013年1月13日

kortij - for that $600/yr, absolutely everything but tires are covered.

I am certain they are making money on it, but I am happy to pay it (for 4 years to get free Ranger service included) since it is a brand new vehicle. I wouldn't be surprised if it is priced this way so they have room to replace things that go wrong simply because it is the first time it has been in the hands of customers.

rlpm | 2013年1月13日

@jat: +1

Brian H | 2013年1月13日

At least, certainly hope they make at least a little on it! Otherwise it becomes a sucking hole in the bottom of the bottom line, and pressures them to skimp on coverage and execution. Not a good idea!

dstiavnicky | 2013年1月14日

I wish I could get my Merc serviced for $600 year! That doesn't cover the oil changes...