Where can I see the Model X?

Where can I see the Model X?

I'm visiting California this summer and I will have a tour of SpaceX and the Tesla factory. I would love to at least see the Model X, any ideas where that is possible? I would like to get a feeling for the size. Is there one at the factory? I heard there is one across from SpaceX at the Design Center and I also heard that the Palo Alto showroom had one. Is it still there?

Thanks a lot
Greetings from Germany,

NumberOne | 2014年8月6日

While I cannot speak for Tesla, I do believe that, since the Alpha prototype is now in production, It is not unreasonable to think that you will be able to see one, at either the Hawthorne design center, or at the factory. I would contact whomever your contact person is for the tour to ask.

Boukman | 2014年8月6日

I do not know where this place is, probably California, but this will give you a place to start.

good luck!

NoahM | 2014年8月6日

Thanks, I might contact him.
Does anybody live near Palo Alto and knows if the Model X is still in there showroom?

Tâm | 2014年8月6日


There's a prototype in the lobby for you to see at Hawthorne Design Center (also Supercharger), next to SpaceX.

It looks real outside but the inside of the car such as seats are not real.

Boukman | 2014年8月22日
sigurd.flaatten | 2014年8月23日

Boukman that video was uploaded October 2013....

Boukman | 2014年8月28日

Sorry SF...That is one of the most detailed video I have seen about the MX. Just wanted to give him an idea via video what the MX is like. It seems that video was filmed somewhere in a park, it could not possibly be still there...:-)

GLO | 2014年8月28日

We have a factory tour scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, September 2nd. If it is there, i'll alert you all.

primetime98 | 2014年9月3日

GLO did you see it?