Where is Tesla Headed

Where is Tesla Headed

Hi guys! I have been watching Tesla for about 6 months now, overly obsessing about the company and the people behind it, but I was wondering something. As of now, Tesla is a high-class luxery car company. And everyone is highly anticipating the Model E or whatever it will be called. We all want the same thing, for Tesla to do well. But does that mean that Tesla is going to turn into a company like Nissan, kind of dealing with the cheaper cars. I want Tesla to be successful, but I also am more interested in nice, high end cars. So I am just wondering, where is Tesla headed? Will they continue production and updates to their current line, or are they slowly transfering to a middle-class/low-class area. I'm not making any assumptions, that's why I'm asking for your help. Just want to see what the community has to say! Thanks!

frankviaje | 2013年10月25日

Nissan is "kind of dealing" in cheaper cars like the Infinity and the Maxima. And Lexus has not really been injured by Toyota selling the Corolla, has it? I own a Model S and I have never owned a better car, but to call Tesla a luxury car company is not really on target, since you can buy one in my state for $71,070 minus $12,500 in tax credits, net being $58,570. You can subtract from that the big bucks I save every year by getting to use our toll lanes for free on the Interstate! It won't bother me a bit if Tesla starts selling GEN III cars for one third what I paid for my Model S; I might even buy one!

alcassfast | 2013年10月25日

Hey, I just figured this out!!!

Model S
Model X
Model E

Those letters spell, "SEX", and everybody knows that sex sells!


petochok | 2013年10月25日



There, daily pet peeve satisfied. Carry on.

Captain_Zap | 2013年10月26日


If you really want to know about the long term plan, it exists and it was established many moons ago. So far it looks like they are sticking to the plan even though the recession took a hard blow and caused some setbacks. I think it is in the Blogs here. It's the "Secret Master Plan".

ashapiro914 | 2013年10月27日

Ok, @captain_zap, I'll check it out. Thanks!