Why won't TMC fix this? SC has been no help. [satire]

Why won't TMC fix this? SC has been no help. [satire]

I clay-bared, sealed, waxed and polished my S and as soon as I was done, I opened the door and, oh no, there were fingerprints on the door handles! Then my granddaughter and wife go it and now all the handles had fingerprints! I ran around the car wiping and polishing, but as soon as they got out, they were back! I paid big $$$ cash money for this car and this is totally unacceptable! I called service 6 times and got zero help, I emailed 8 times and got a notice that my account was now junk mail status! I think TMC should address this issue and stop working on all those silly technical thingeys! Grinnin was right, their priorities are all wrong!

AoneOne | 2015年8月24日

Tesla, we need matte finish chrome NOW!!!

Dwdnjck@ca | 2015年8月24日

I suppose the service advisor was rude as well.

Bluesday Afternoon | 2015年8月24日

@renwo -
I feel your pain! Fingerprints are the single biggest issue. A brake hold option is far down my list! I want a forever clean, spotless, printless, shiny Flagship.

Have you started closing your door by pressing in on the area between the handle and the car. It works great but teaching others is quite difficult. I tell them, the closing handle will not hurt you according to Tesla experts. They say, "Okay, then you do it!" I just simply reply, "I'm not an expert."

Captain_Zap | 2015年8月24日

TMC, aka Tesla Motors Club, will give you plenty of advice, but they will not lift a finger beyond the keyboard.

PhillyGal | 2015年8月24日

This epidemic isn't just the handles. No!
In my small garage I also find myself grabbing the door by the chrome edge under the window to guide it open slowly and get in.

If they can't come up with a finger print solution, they're going to need a self-opening solution in order to compete with the others in their category.

renwo S alset | 2015年8月24日

I have learned to never eat tacos before getting in.

EdwardG.NO2CO2 | 2015年8月24日

Insist all passengers ware white flannel gloves before entry or exit until TM fixes this troubling problem! My $100 Ford does not have this problem!

EdwardG.NO2CO2 | 2015年8月24日


Dale9271 | 2015年8月24日

@Captain ...TMC will start a letter campaign ...whine how this should be a free OTA ...but I agree they won't get beyond being a keyboard warrior

Bighorn | 2015年8月24日

Naming names couldn't hurt.

notice | 2015年8月24日

I wear gloves

petero | 2015年8月24日

Solutions to the finger print problem:

1.Issue every passenger and the driver a pair of white gloves. If they don’t complain issue them a micro-fiber polishing cloth. If they still don’t complain, break out the car wax.

2. Vinyl wrap the door handles.

3.Ignore the problem and enjoy the car.

Life is too short to sweat the small stuff. ."

Bluesday Afternoon | 2015年8月24日

@petero - we sweat the small stuff! Are you new to this forum? ;-)

AmpedRealtor | 2015年8月24日

It's ridiculous to even need to use door handles on a $100,000 car. I mean WTF? Aren't the doors supposed to open themselves when you approach? Tesla is doomed.

Bluesday Afternoon | 2015年8月24日


That's just crazy! Automatic door openings? Come on, be realistic! Next thing you'll want is for the car to self park itself or stay in it's lane. Where will it end? How about an autonomous driving Tesla? That's just crazy!

EESROCK | 2015年8月24日

Duct tape is the answer to just about everything. Comes in all sorts of wonderful colors and patterns. I'm sure you can find one that goes nicely with your car :)

GHammer | 2015年8月24日

The current sensor array is not adequate for self opening doors. One will surely not sense an oncoming cyclist and the door will decapitate them.

don | 2015年8月24日

One step up from duct tape...!shop/c1i41

or... be a true gentleman and open/close all doors for you guests
or... tell everyone to leave their doors open and floor it
or... relax, considerably

1BadNerd | 2015年8月24日

OP, sorry for some of the rude answers. I know this is a serious problem and should be treated as such.

It's always snarky comments from the regulars. Just ignore them!

Have you tried to find out when Elon's next press conference is so you can interrupt it and bring this to his attention?

Have you considered just leaving the windows open and telling people to avoid opening the doors?

mjt.private | 2015年8月24日

I was told a story once about a high quality luthier (guitar maker), who would handover beautiful custom guitars as his workshop to his clients. Then he'd immediately take the guitar back and lash it a couple of times with a small chain, saying: "now it's not perfect, please go play this thing, rather than treat it like a museum piece. I made it to be used."

renwo S alset | 2015年8月24日

1BN. I plan on confronting EM about this and about that dead mink, too!

prp | 2015年8月24日

All will be fixed if you don't let locals use your model s.

Surf | 2015年8月24日

Xpel works pretty well.

renwo S alset | 2015年8月24日

I tried Xprep and it didn't work at all. | 2015年8月24日

Who needs doors? Just leave the windows down and have everyone crawl through the windows. Problem solved. As a bonus, everyone gets some exercise too!

johngoldsmith1 | 2015年8月24日

"Silly technical thingeys"? bought a Tesla Model S? Amazing! I don't believe you really own a model S but if you do...OMG! What planet are you on? I'm still anxiously awaiting delivery of my 85D. It will be the most expensive car I've ever owned. I have never even driven one. I knew I'd love it (have had a Volt) and I did not want to dilute the first thrill behind the wheel of my own Model S. But already the experience has been incredible. Not the least incredible aspect: visiting the various forums and reading the complaints. Now I assume about half the folks hidden behind their monikers, do not now nor will they ever own a Tesla. But to the rest of us let me say, given the state of America today, the state of the vast majority of Americans, I cannot imagine complaining about the fingerprints on my $106,000. car. Or the lack of lighted vanity mirror Or the delay in getting the latest technology. VANITY being the operative word. Of course, these things are annoying. In some ways, all the more so because of $$$. But this is the culmination (to date) of one of the most amazing stories in the history of auto making, and I am lucky enough to afford to be a part of it. May I starve to death, attempting suicide in my garage with my Tesla, if I ever utter one disparaging word without also adding "Thank you God. Thank you."

jordanrichard | 2015年8月24日

johngoldsmith, he is joking. Not about the frustration of the finger prints, but that Tesla should stop everything and fix this problem ASAP.

To minimize the prints I use a knuckle. There seems to be less oil on the topside of one's hand than palm side. When closing the door I place a finger or two at the bottom of the window, near the Tesla logo. For the rear doors, I have recently started using the metal "thingey" that the door latch grabs.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年8月24日

The solution to all your chrome and piano black woes:

alex | 2015年8月24日


Just "lol". I don't have anything else to say in response to this thread.

Bluesday Afternoon | 2015年8月24日


That's over the top! Reading your last sentence is bizarre! Please, somehow pull a joke out of your comments.

Bighorn | 2015年8月24日

Fished in!

Roamer@AZ USA | 2015年8月24日

Certain things in my prior life forced me to remove my finger prints. It can be painful but completely solves the finger print problem.

@bighorn, Sometimes it just seems too easy. Maybe the forum needs a catch and release policy.

Remnant | 2015年8月25日

Total lack of handles is no longer a rarity. A series of concept cars sport this feature.

Handles hidden behind the edge of the door are fairly common as well.

Carbon fiber handles would also be an interesting possibility, because they stay cool and have a matte finish. They might even be available as after-market items.

sbeggs | 2015年8月25日

Interesting idea!

Bruce Williams | 2015年8月25日

I tell people to use their teeth to open the doors and, so far, it seems to work quite well. One terrible problem I still have are palm prints on the frunk lid. We need an electric frunk opener and closer.

trixiew | 2015年8月25日

Have your finger prints surgically removed.

PhillyGal | 2015年8月25日

@Bruce, I must have not noticed hand prints on the frunk edge when I caused them but during pollen season I noticed a hilarious pair of neon yellow hand prints. The pollen stuck to the prints!

AoneOne | 2015年8月25日

Just like there's always a better battery technology "any day now", there are now "imminent" self-cleaning coatings that "solve" this problem like


ATCRomes | 2015年8月25日

YEAH!! And why do my cup holders not know what kind of drink I place in them and automatically keep it ice cold or satisfyingly hot!? Where's my pitchfork??

GHammer | 2015年8月25日

@shibby Didn't you know? Model S can already do that.

ca-blessed | 2015年8月25日

Great idea @PhillyGal/@AmpedRealtor

+1 for auto open/close doors!